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So I got it in my head that my taste in books is some what on par with a lot of other folks, so here’s to testing my theory.  I like to read….A LOT.  My husband doesn’t quite understand why I’ve always got my nose in a book, why I’m staying up super late at night just to get to the next chapter, or to finish a book.

You guys get it – at least that’s what I’m hoping!

The other idea that surprise surprise – my husband gave me was that people might actually like to know what i think about books and to find out what the next great read is – or what to avoid – or to know what i think of characters.  So, this is my attempt at finding folks to TALK about books with.

Article 5 by Kristen Simmons –
It took me just 1 day to both start and finish it, so that should tell you that either it’s a short book (which it’s not) or a good read.  Earlier this year, someone mentioned to me that I seem to drift towards Dystopian stories – and i guess that’s the case since this is exactly that.

What’s not to like about reading what’s become of our civilization when the country fought itself, and I guess lost – so there are new rules and control put into place.  Intertwined in a coming of age story is a romance that you just root for from the beginning even though you know very few details.  You don’t know why Ember keeps thinking about her next door neighbor Chase and what their true relationship was, but you do find out that they really mean the world to each other and are stronger than they realize.  (at least Ember is).

What i think was missing a little bit was the character development that you see in similar stories – where you get to know a bit more about the secondary folks – and when they aren’t really elaborated on but warrant it, a 1/2 story is then written to share with you their perspective and story.  maybe we’ll see more of that once the series really takes shape – but i think that it’s worth picking up.  Road Trip…Learning who to trust…Falling in Love and realizing that it’s worth it…all the good things that go into a book!

Anyway – pick it up if you haven’t read it, and i’ll be back soon with something new to talk about i’m sure.

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