One Less than Good Book leads to a Better One….

kinda bummed out about the last book i read, however it’s turned into a GREAT opportunity to enjoy this new one. 

The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch.  i don’t usually encounter books that i feel like i’ve been let down by, but this time around, i feel like there was a lot that wasn’t developed, explained or just included.  I’m a HUGE fan of dystopian, post-apocolyptic reading, but this time around – well there wasn’t really much of it.

i’m not quite sure what led to the Collapse, and what P11 really was…and how some folks managed to avoid the ill-affects of it and survive.  I also feel like there were a lot of relationships that weren’t developed to their fullest and characters that you don’t know their back story.  I think that this is one of those books that if you want the quick read and don’t care for the depth, then go with it, but otherwise, maybe find something else to read.

at least it’s opened me up to REALLY enjoy the next book on my list which i’m more than 50% done with…Incarceron by Catherine Fisher.  i should be done with it tonight since it’s really not like anything that i’ve read before and i really like it!

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