The ‘Significance’

i’ve had quite an enjoyable last 2 days i’d really have to say.  i’ve found myself completely wrapped up in ‘The Significance‘ series by Shelly Crane.  it’s something else!

I really like when characters aren’t sooo far fetched that you can’t relate to them, and when the story line is fantasy enough without going overboard.  What’s not to love about a couple finding each other ‘imprinting’ and finding themselves with all sorts of obstacles in their path.

i know that a book or series is good when i can picture it as a movie (ala twilight style i guess).  this is one of those.  I read ‘The Significance’ in about a day and a half, and then ‘Accordance’ and ‘Defiance’ in less than a day, and i just read the 3 chapters of ‘Reverance’ this AM.

I think that it’s a really sweet sentiment that’s built in this book that sometimes things really aren’t what they seem, and that there’s an ‘outsider’ who can use their perspective to change the world for the better.  just ironic of course that she’s not really an outsider huh?  i can’t wait for ‘Independance’ to come out later this year i think….to wrap up the series.

now i’m having my own ‘withdrawls’ and will have to find something new to read.  lucky for me Shelly Crane has several other series out that i can tap into, and my ‘to read’ list is pages and pages long.

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