The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson

i’m getting to be rather predictable these days in my reading choices, but i’m chalking it up to trends, fads and well….my moods.  Reading the synopsis ofThe Lost Code -i thought that it was going to be more towards the traditional dystopian but with a little fantasy twist but i was pleasantly surprised that i was mostly wrong.  there was an aspect of Dystopian  – world is going to hell in a hand basket essence but in all honesty, there’s a lot more fantasy/lore to it which was really nice.

Mind you, I’m a fanatic about all things related to Atlantis so this book was right up my alley when i realized how much it had to do with it.  Here i was thinking that civilization was lost because of what we do to the ozone layer and all that, yet there’s a story beyond that story and that was what i found to be interesting.  It took me a little longer to read it than i hoped – since i’m usually on a 1-2 day per book sched with 300 pagers or less, but at least i got through it, and where Emerson leaves off at the end – well you’re just hanging. 

a few things i’m thinking about:

1) where did Owen’s gills go and will they come back

2) is Lilly really the 3rd atlantean

3) how are the 3 of them managing outside of the dome w/o NoRad or any other protection when they aren’t quite in the HZ

4) is Owen’s family going to come into play at all?

5) are Carey or Lilly’s family going to come into play (since we’re assuming they died right?)

6) what happened to the Evan, Marco and Aliah?

just a few things that i’m thinking about in the back of my minds…can’t wait for Book 2.  too bad i’ll have to wait until Spring 2013



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