The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

had to change it up these past few days and move away from fantasy, dystopian drama, and all that to something that was a bit more romantic. The American Heiress kind of took me back to when i was younger and i read romance novels that my mom deemed to be some what appropriate for my age…even though there was quite a bit of sex and inappropriateness.  TAH wasn’t graphic at all, but had the same sense of it, the European lineage story, the American lineage story – and how they could merge into one.

We have another tale of a strong woman (Cora) who is supposedly the wealthiest girl in the world and American at that, and an over bearing mother who wants to use her daughter to gain entrance into European society.  Cora of course has a boy at home that she’s crushing on, yet he doesn’t reciprocate (at least early on in the way that she wants) so she’s shipped off to England and literally falls in love. 

As much as i liked Duke Ivo, i feel like he was neither here nor there.  You could get glimpses of how he felt about his life throughout the book, but it’s not until the  very end when he’s about to lose everything that he loves the most (namely his wife and his newborn) that he decides to show his real emotional side. 

i enjoyed it, and it kind of makes me want to extend my break from vampires and angels, and post apocalyptic life to pick up another sweet romantic story – maybe even revisit the romance genre and see if there’s something else like Fifty Shades that i can get into for a couple days. 

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