Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly

I’ve noticed a trend – most vampire books are relatively similar, with what superstitions we’re told about and what people focus on, however…..the good news is that Angel books are VERY VERY DIFFERENT.  YAY!

i feel like each one i read puts angels into a different category, some are good, some are bad, some are good and bad, and where they come from and their purpose varies from one end of the spectrum to another 

Angel Burn is the first of a trilogy that doesn’t necessarily make you want to root for angels.  you think that’s nuts right?  angels are supposed to be our saving grace and all that, yet in this series, you really wish they’d just go away because they literally ‘burn your soul’.  

The wain character Willow discovers that her psychic powers aren’t just a lucky thing that came upon her, she’s actually a half angel, with one of the most evil angels out there being her father.  now we see that he’s not just evil but power hungry and a bit twisted.  

Alex, the AK or Angel Killer that is sent to kill her and befriends her / falls in love with her is a guy that you want to root for though – because his story is just kind of sad.  now what i want to really understand that’s not talked about is how his father came to really understand how to track and identify angels in order to kill them.  oh well….maybe it’s in the story and i missed it?

regardless – i like where the book ended – where it kept you wondering what would come next and actually keep you interested to pick up the sequel –Angel Fire which i’m reading now  

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