Angel Fire by L.A.Weatherly

There are times that i’m reading a book and i feel like it’s taking me WAY TOO LONG to get through it, and then i realize that it’s partly because i only have maybe 30 minutes to devote to reading, partly because it’s a really long book, and partly because i really want to know what’s going to happen at the end, so i feel like it’s dragging.

A few of those things happened here with’Angel Fire’ but i have to say that it was well worth the amount of time that it took to read.  (suffice it to say – just 3 days…but still…)  In any event, love triangles prevail, good and evil and all that other nonsense – yet i was glued to the book and have so much to think about.

I know that i mentioned it when i was reading/talking about Angel Burn the first book in the Trilogy, however i think that it’s really nice that an author (L.A. Weatherly) decided that Angels didn’t have to be good, and could actually 100% be the villain here.  In a lot of fantasy that i read, i find angel stories – they are out there, but most of the time the angels are all good, or there are just a few ‘Dark Angels’.  This was a nice Twist.

a few things to ponder though:

1) what will happen to the 1/2 of the angel population that wasn’t killed off so to speak when the Council was killed?

2) what happened to Raziel?  I’m sure that we’ll see more of him in’Angel Fever’ book 3

3) Are there more Half Angels out there?

4) Who is Seb’s Father?  I’m thinking that it’s someone that we’ve met, already – maybe even Raziel himself

5) Are Kara and Brendon coming back?  I’m fairly certain that they will since they weren’t one of the few that got Angel Burn so i think that they’ll some how make it to Nevada

6) How much of the world has been leveled by what the Council did?  We know MC is a goner and that no one is even around to see what’s happened (re: the no helicopters over head)

just so much to think about that i’d love answers to and that i guess i’ll have to wait until October for it all to resolve.  That’s the good thing about knowing it’s a Trilogy at least.  you know that story lines will get wrapped up, and loose ends will no longer be loose.

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