Chase Brothers Series by Lauren Dane

reading this series takes me back quite a bit to when i was in middle school and my mom finally felt like i was mature enough to handle romance novels.  That was my first introduction to the art of seduction and well, really long books to be honest.  Given that i was in desperate need of a change of pace in what i was reading, i decided that maybe it was time to return to that genre and see what i could find.

Lauren Dane crafts a series around these four undeniably hot brothers who all have the best hearts but maybe didn’t want to open those hearts up yet to anyone.  they’d rather be ‘players’ for lack of a better word.  Lucky for each of them though, there was a woman complicated enough with their own ‘baggage’ out there to tame them and to make them finally eternally happy.

what i find to be funny is that 2 out of 4 of the brothers managed to ‘share’ the woman that they ended up with, and well, there was no awkwardness there.  that’s just interesting to me since in real life i don’t know if that would have happened so smoothly but i suppose in fiction, anything goes.

Book 1 -Giving Chase – we find ourselves rooting for Maggie and Shane – the oldest of the brothers and the most intimidating…and then, well he lets us down as only a handsome brooding guy can, and in walks his younger brother Kyle, who is EXACTLY what Maggie needs.  After he share of a stalker and kidnapping, all ends up well and they live happily ever after

Book 2 – Taking Chase – Cassie is in her own ‘witness protection’ type program trying to get away from an ex husband who tried to kill her.  no drama there right?  anyway, in perfect romance novel style, a Chase brother swoops in to protect her and make her feel safe – or does he?  this is where Shane actually decides to not let us down and he manages to somehow tame his own internal ‘stuff’ as well as make Cassie feel like she’s going to be ok.  Suffice it to say, said evil ex tracks cassie down, tries to kill again, and Shane comes to the rescue.  they live happily ever after too…

Book 3 – Chased – we are reunited with Liv (Olivia) who just happens to be Maggie’s best friend….well, she’s yet another one who’s made her rounds a bit with the Chase family…(ok that was a bit harsh of me but still)…she was in a decent relationship with Matt (brother #3) and that didn’t work because she was more in love with him than he was with her, so that fizzled and she’s kind of moping.  In walks brother #4 Marc who really knows how to ‘woo’ and he manages it some how.  i think that it’s really nice to see that he’s able to bring liv back into the family that she loved so much since she really didn’t have a family of her own.  i’m a sucker for the old fashioned ‘woo’ so i think this may be my favorite of the books (after #1 that is)

Book 4 – Making Chase – the series ender introduces us to Tate who is not at all what you’d expect a handsome
Chase guy to fall in love with, yet he does.  Matt that is.  I think that it’s nice that we’re not sucked back into the tall modelesque love interest here, and that she’s beautiful yet curvy, and she’s one of the nicest people inside as is typical.  Her drama of course if that she’s from the wrong side of town, has a family that she supports, and alchy/abusive father who’s trying to exploit her for money…and well, chase family comes to the rescue. 

personally i couldn’t get enough of the Chase boys coming to the rescue of their damsels in distress and taming their crazy ways.  what i also really liked though is that the stories were great, the books were long but they kept me so interested that i had no choice but to read each in 1 night a piece…so it was 4 days of really good reading.  Thanks Lauren Dane for yet another great few days!

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