When in Doubt, Add Butter by Beth Harbison

one thing that i love, when i find that an author that i favored in the past actually has more books than i realized.  it leaves me a happy girl since it means that i’ll have a couple more days of good reading to enjoy.

From the author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous, and Secrets of a Shoe Addicts, and Hope in a Jar, and Thin, Rich, Pretty,

one of the things that i LOVE about Beth’s writing is that she’s giving you female characters that really know how to give it their all, in circumstances that aren’t ideal, and still come out on top.

Here we have Gemma (mind you i LOVE this name because it’s my daughter’s name too) – she’s a personal chef because well she doesn’t like to work in an office and likes to work for herself, and she’s forced to deal with every personality under the sun.  that’s one thing that i have to give Beth credit for.  it’s not that hard to create all sorts of personalities, but she really carries those through in great detail that makes you feel like you’re in each one of their crazy homes and lives.

Well, Gemma, has different families that she cooks for just to make ends meet, she’s single and looking for love, kind of find ‘love’ in a one night stand all while flirting with Mr. Tuesday – one of her clients.  that’s what i love – i guessed it right away and made the connection between Mr. Tuesday and the mysterious Mack – and i loved that she didn’t figure it out right away.

I also loved that Lex was rooting for her all along, and that he wanted to see her succeed, put her in touch with his niece (i think) that didn’t have too many people on her side, and well – that was the beginning of great things happening.

i know i’m all over the place here with what i loved about this story, but what i LOVE too about Beth’s stories is that you get it all resolved in the one story and you’re not resigned to waiting until the next book comes along.  you have a nice sweet story where you see that the people you want to do well actually do well.  if another book / sequel comes along then great, but you’re pleased with how things ended.

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