Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare

coming off the high of reading the entire Mortal Instruments series and learning that there was a companion series that i probably should have been reading at the same time, i got my hands on the e-copy of Clockwork Angel and it didn’t disappoint

This first installment of the series introduces us back into the world of ShadowHunters, ‘Downworlders’ and the unexpected.  The great thing here is that there were all the good aspects of MI, but with a different spin.  Also, one of my all time FAVORITE characters – Magnus Bane was involved. so you know that only good could happen right?

anyway, we are introduced to Tessa an American who is on her way to London because her family in the US is gone (parents died and her aunt that she’s been living with just passed away).  Her brother Nate moved to London for a job and sent for Tessa to come and live with him.  Good stuff right?

well from the moment Tessa steps foot off the boat, things take a turn for the worse.  Her brother doesn’t meet her at the ship as planned – instead these 2 women a.k.a. the Dark Sisters come and meet her and bring her back to the house.  From there she’s imprisoned, held captive and basically is made to do whatever these women want of her because they are holding her brother and she is the only way for him to stay alive.

Not surprising, a pair of ShadowHunters come to her rescue.  Will i guess is supposed to be our Jace from the Mortal Instruments – anyhow, he comes to her rescue and brings Tessa back to the Institute.  From there, and from her experiences at the Dark Sister’s house, she learns about so much more that’s going on. See, the Dark Sisters discovered that Tessa is able to do something that no one else can do, and well, everyone wants someone who’s that special right?

in any event,  the ShadowHunters get involved, and they involve Vampires and Warlocks which is how we meet up again with Magnus Bane….and interestingly Camille Belcourt…and excitement ensues.

what throws me off in this story though is that i kept wanting to relate characters to their ‘descendents’ in Mortal Instruments yet i kept forgetting the parentage.  oh well…definitely worth another read at both series again in tandem.  So many unanswered questions too from this book that makes me thrilled that Clockwork Prince is out so i can get that too.

i want to know more about Tessa’s back story, about what happens with relationships, whether or not characters that we love will continue to be around or not……onto Book 2 for me…

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