Review: Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour Book 2) by Olivia Cunning

Ahhh….the bliss and enjoyment that i find in sequels to stories that are actually good!  Rock Hard is the follow up to Backstage Pass – and it didn’t let me down.  In book 1 we are introduced to Sinners – a rock band that is of course made up of 5 of the hottest sexiest men around.

We already know the story around Brian and Myrna since book 1 centered around them and their budding relationship.  We also got to know a bit more about Trey, Sed, Jace and even Eric – but not tooooooo much.

So book 2, Rock Hard starts in a bit of a confusing place.  We’re introduced to Jessica and Sed – they are clearly in a relationship and that’s what threw me off since it was my understanding that Sed was single in BP.  Then i had to remember after a few minutes that there was a scene in book 1 where Sed is sitting at a table on the bus and Myr catches him looking at a picture of a girl.  So…this means that this intro scene is a little bit of a flashback.

That being the case, we meet Jess when she’s breaking up with Sed since he’s not entirely all that supportive of her goal of becoming a lawyer.  He basically wants to take care of her and have her just be there for him.  She’s not having that, so she returns the engagement ring that he had just given her and we are then fast fowarded into present day.

Sed is the womanizer and sex addict that we came to love and appreciate in BP, and Jess is trying to pay for school with a summer stint as a stripper in Vegas.  Ironically, the Sinners are in Vegas for a show and decide that for Brian’s bachelor party they are going to go to a strip club, and of all the clubs in Vegas, they go to the ONE that Jess is working at.

Shock, surprise, lust and a bit of brawling all get rolled up into this scene, leaving the sinners all bruised and battered, and Jess w/o a job.  Sed finds out that Jess has been fired, tries to give her money to make up for it, she goes to return the money, and ends up working for Myr on tour w/ the Sinners.

One thing that we all know from a deep emotion like ‘Hate’ is that it comes from a true place, usually love.  Well, Sed and Jess clearly HATE each other, yet they quite obviously love each other as well, even if they aren’t ready to admit it to themselves or each other.  The story that ensues from here takes us on a roller coaster with both of them, with their lives together and separately, and with all the paths that they go down, it’s hard to picture exactly where they are going to end up.

In the middle of all this, there’s a medical emergency that comes into play, not for either Sed or Jess, but for Trey, as a result of the brawl at the strip club that first reunion night.  that alone adds in enough drama and suspense to keep the story going in a completely different way.

There are times when i hoped for a happy ending and times when i thought that it would be too cliche.  the good news is that Olivia Cunning did a great job and gave us less of what we’d expect and more of what readers really want.  Now i can’t wait to finish Double Time the 3rd installment of the series.

Review: Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour Book 1) by Olivia Cunning

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this book since it sounds like it’s focal point is a hard rock back, but i decided to give it a read since i’m a HUGE fan of series (vs. individual stories) that can sustain my insterest for a while.

So in Backstage Pass, we are introduced first to Myrna who is a professor (has her PhD) in Human Sexuality and she’s just given a lecture at a conference.  I don’t know about anyone else, but the first thought that comes to mind in a story that you know is going to turn erotic, is ‘naughty professor’ and with a name like Myrna, you can get all these images into your head.  Once you meet you, you come to find that she’s clearly less bookish than she would seem with a name like Myrna, and that she’s in fact got a rock edge to her, and included that edge into her presentation with the riffs from a well known back ‘The Sinners’.  un-beknownst to her, this love of the band will come in handy.

She’s walking through her hotel on that same night and hears a commotion in the lounge, and finds not at all what she’s expecting – the usual conference goers, but instead, the same band that she  really enjoys – THE SINNERS.  They are drunk, and loud and exactly what she needed to see.  She finds her courage and walks over to them and the rest is history.

She’s hit on by Sed – who is the sexy lead singer of the group, Eric, the drummer, Trey and Jace are doing their thing, and Brian is soo drunk that he can’t even keep a thought flowing in his mind that even makes sense.  I think that we all know what happens here right?  she’s drawn to all of them, but is able to disway the attention of the guys that are making the most overt passes at her, and some how decides that she’s going to come to Brian’s rescue after he throws up all over the place.  She invites him up to her room for a hangover cure, although that’s not quite what Brian thinks when he’s invited up to her room.

After a night of nothingness – Myrna won’t have sex on the ‘first/second date’ and Brian really is too drunk to do much aside from pass out, they find themselves in each others arms in the morning for some AMAZING sex.  (of course).  Instead of going back home that morning, she throws caution to the wind, and joins the band onto their next tour stop.  Never a good move for someone who’s supposed to have a respectable job…but when there’s good sex, all logic goes out the window.  So Myran joins the band to their next stop, enjoys mind blowing sex and then has to find her way back home the next day to get bck to the real world.

Now…to back up a second, throughout this story, Myr has some internal strife going on.  She’s been married before, to a man who clearly thought her a whore and was apt to tell her this all the time.  The issue here is that no, she was not a whore, but she is a sex professor and of course wants to make things less vanilla and much spicier.  Her husband took that to mean that she was probably cheating on him in order to get these thoughts/positions and all this experience and it certainly crushed her a bit.  On top of that, he started to drink A LOT and as a result, almost killed her with his rage.

So, we’re fast forwarding to her present day life…where she’s a bit gun shy about emotions, and men, and how she’s kind of even gone into hiding a bit so that she doesn’t ever have to deal with this asshole again.  This of course becomes a problem for her when she finds that she LOVES having her ‘relationship’ with Brian because she can be as uninhibited as she wants, she doesn’t have to worry about being considered dirty or whorish becuase that’s part of what just works between them.

Life comes in the way of what they have…Myr has to figure things out professionally which gives her more of a reason to stick around the band and Brian, but that doesn’t address any of her personal struggles and that’s what keeps the book moving.  It’s never easy, and it’s never clear what’s going to happen between Myr and Brian and the rest of the band for that matter.

The good thing about this first book is that the Olivia Cunning really has given us a view of all of the band members, and we see them for more than just the instruments that they play.  They have emotions and quirks and I can only hope that we get to see more of them and all this inter personal stuff in the future books in the series.

Definitely pick it up – there’s nothing timid or quiet/shy about the eroticism in the story.  you won’t be disappointed.

Review: Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

thank goodness for holidays – i find myself with even more free time to breeze through a few additional books.  As i was looking on listopia on i came across Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan and the description was really interesting.  The snippet that was posted about Eva being 5 and Deuce being 23 when they met is enough to draw anyone in i think.

So the opening scene of the book we’re introduced to Eva where she’s at Riker’s Island visiting her father in jail.  Her father ‘The Preacher’ is the leader of a gang so to speak, and is a single father trying to raise his little girl as best as he can.  While there, Eva’s eyes fall on Deuce who is also there visiting his father ‘Reaper’ who is also in Jail.  ironically, they are from oposing ‘families’ if you want to use mafia terminology (they aren’t quite mafia, more like hell’s angels).  in any event, Eva’s cuteness and genuine sweet temperment draw Deuce in, in a way that he could never have expected since he’s all hard and calloused, both physically and mentally.

So this story takes us through a series of fast forwards where we meet up again with Eva when she’s a young teen, being shadowed by her adopted brother Frankie who has a very over bearing protective side.  Deuce comes across them at a family BBQ ….and of course Eva continues to be drawn to him.  But alas, she’s way too young and he’s way too old for her.  Frankie even almost comes to blows with Deuce becuase he’s that over protective.

Fast Forward a few more years when Eva is 16 and she and Deuce cross paths again at another ‘family party’.  This time, Frankie literally does come in Deuce’s face and has a little battle, Eva gets in the middle, gets into a fight with Frankie (we’re strating to see a trend here that Frankie is way too aggressive and can’t handle his temper), and Eva and Deuce are drawn to one another.  Their chemistry has clearly built over the years, partly becuase they don’t see each other expcept after a few years, and she’s beautiful now while he’s exudes sex appeal.  (he’s not want for attention for company that’s for sure).  That night, they start to cross a line, making out a little bit, and well, Deuce gets himself shot for it (by her dad)

Fast forward again a few more years when Eva is now ‘legal’ and is out with her best friend Kami at a bar (illegally) and crosses paths yet again with Deuce.  Mind you, part of the excitement of all this is that she’s had to sneak out of her house becuase her father wouldn’t approve and she constantly has to slip away from Frankie who’s really beginning to take things too far.  He sleeps in her bed at night (has for a long time) and has some how taken this to mean that he’s staking his claim.  he’s kind of ‘peed on her’ to mark his territory although i don’t think that Eva has realized this quite yet.  This time that Deuce and Eva cross paths though, they practically combust, in the alley, in the rain.  how romantic right?  Alas, they’ve finally gone and done what they’ve wanted to do for YEARS but it’s not without it’s own problems following.

So….fast forward again a bit, and Eva and Kami decide that becuase of this sexual chemistry, they are going to take a little ride out to Montana where Deuce and his buddies live, and see what comes of it for the summer.  Knowing how the 2 of them can’t stay apart at this point, you know that only lots of sex and heat will come of it.  Kami is no slouch herself and finds a way to entertain herself with a couple of Deuce’s friends.  (who like to share so it works out well).  Eva has managed some how to get away from Frankie and her dad, they have no idea that Eva’s gone to the Horesmens home, and well….that is definitely not going to be good.

Long story short, something comes between Deuce and Eva (meaning that he wants her to be stashed away from the raunchiness of the club, and she doesn’t want that), she runs…and we are forced to fast forward again.

This story keeps fast forwarding, putting us into interesting situations…and not all of them good.  most of them bad actually.  Frankie goes psycho showing that his aggressive nature continued to get out of control.  Eva continues to be too sweet for her own good…her chemistry with Deuce continues and has no intention of going anywhere…and there are more twists and turns, anxiety, hospitals…all that coming in the future for everyone involved.

So….i really wanted to LOVE this book, but i’m not quite there.  i enjoyed passed the time, but i thought that all the fast forwarding confused me.  i never got the sense that either Eva or Deuce were as old as they were supposed to be.  it’ll be nice to see what comes of everyone in book 2.  there’s definitely a lot of different directions tht the story can take.

Review: Among the Nameless Stars by Diana Peterfreund

I was searching on for something new to read and found the prequel to another story that i readlly enjoyed ‘For Darkness Shows the Stars‘.  This prequel takes us deeper into Kai’s story – once he leaves the North Estate and travels to Channel City.

Once he finds himself as a ‘free post’ in Channel City, he sees that life isn’t as expected- the Posts are living a lifestyle that is quite different than any post lifestyle in servitude.  They wear clothes that only Luddites so far had worn and they have more money than they ever had when living on an estate.

So Kai works for a tailor at first and then when his mechanic ability is discovered by Pen – a Post who’s a ‘master’ that’s instilled the fear of God in people, he has no choice but to go and work for Pen.  That’s when Kai hears of the Innovations and where he’s plans unfurl.

It’s a short read, and not as in depth as i would have liked, but it was a nice quick read.  I kind of wished that there was more of a deep dive into Kai’s story and a lead into what we get in ‘For Darkness’ since that was quite the interesting tale, but none the less – it killed time and was worth the $2 that i paid for it.


Review: Reached (Matched Trilogy book #3) by Ally Condie

The long awaited, and truly great finale to the matched Trilogy, Reached met my expectations and exceeded them.

In Crossed, we’re left with Indie and Cassia finding their way to The Rising, and we’re not quite sure what the status of Ky is.  we don’t know for sure where he is and if he’s going to make it.  We don’t know what finding the Rising means for everyone and what it means for all the folks back in Society.

So, the Rising decides what role everyone will play, and it’s decided that Cassia’s best chance is to go back into the Society and work from the inside.  That’s semi-good news since it means that she’ll get to be in contact with her family and with Xander – yet it’s leaving a lot up to chance with Indie and Ky who are assigned elsewhere.  Cassia and Ky still have this bond though that they are holding onto in the hopes that they’ll manage to find each other again.

Cassia is still one of the top if not THE TOP sorters out there and her skills are used over and over again to help both Society and The Rising.  She’s being given jobs to work on that she’s not quite sure the outcome, yet it’s something that she’s been instructed to expect.

So….as they are all part of the rising now, (come to learn that so is Xander), there’s a job to be done.  The Society had created a Plague to be used against the Enemy, however it’s infiltrated it’s way into The Society.  the Rising has a cure for it and wants to assume the role of ‘savior’ so that the people who are not yet a part of the Rising change ‘sides’ and go against The Society.  Once The Plague has reached ‘epidemic’ stages, The Pilot is revealed to be a real person, and the Rising swoops in to take control and try to save the population.  at first this is working, and Xander is at the helm of the medical side in one of the provinces while Indie and Ky are matched together to be co-pilots on airships bringing the cure to the people.

Cassia is somewhat left in the dark about all this because she isn’t sure if she’s going to get The Plague or if she’s immune, and what her role moving forward is.  she can’t get in touch with Xander, has trouble reaching Ky or Indie, her family and everyone she knows.  She uses the valuables that she got from the settlement in the Carving to trade with the Archivists until her goods are stolen and she’s left with almost nothing of value.  This means that she’s flying blind basically and has to figure out how to get to her ‘friends’ and loved ones.

Through a lot of varied circumstances, important folks find one another in and relocate themselves to interesting places.  Some that are heard of and some that were never even mentioned before.  The Plague takes an interesting turn, and it’s origin an even stranger one.  New characters are introduced, old ones brought back…and all in all, this longer last book of the series takes quite a few unexpected turns that left me both breathless and really surprised.

I was very pleased with how this wrapped up the series – there’s a lot that was answered very nicely, and a few ‘what’s going to happen’ type questions left in my head.  Kind of makes me wonder if Ally Condie is leaving things open to the potential of a follow up down the road since i think that there could be…but that’s also the part of me that isn’t ready to let go of my favorite folks.

Review: Crossed (Matched Trilogy #2) by Ally Condie

As a lead into reading book 3 Reached i decided that i needed the refresher from Crossed to know where the story left off and to get excited about the finale to the series.  It’s funny sometimes though how if you re-read a story, you pick up on so much more than you did the first time around.

The first time I read Crossed – i remember that i enjoyed it but maybe didn’t quite love it.  (to be completely honest, i was a bit let down because i felt like it was predictable and kind of dragged a bit).  this second time however, i found that i really enjoyed it and there was a lot that i guess i missed.

So Crossed starts off when Cassia’s family is being relocated from Oria to another province for any number of reasons.  It could be the honest report that the mother did on what she saw in some of the other provinces, it could be that the father (who is also an Official) was getting moved because of losing his father’s tissue sample, or it could be due to Cassia and her relationship with Ky.

Ky has also recently been taken from Oria and sent to one of the ‘outer boroughs’ where the assumption is that he’s basically going to die.  The Society sends Abberations out there to act as ‘decoys’ and to make the Enemy think that there are still villagers and villages out on the outer edges of their world so that they don’t come into the provinces.  The question really is – is that working?  who knows…..

So in Crossed – Cassia is still deeply in love with Ky but is torn because of Xander, and everyone knows of her feelings.  Her parents decide that the best thing for Cassia is to send her to work camps in the hopes that it’ll get her closer to Ky since that’s what she really wants…and parents always want their kids to be happy.  Cassia doesn’t find Ky at any of the camps, but has an idea of where to find him and maneuvers her way out to the outer areas to get to him.  Of course, there’s a price to pay since she doesn’t quite know what she’s looking for.  She knows that he’s probably going to The Rising, and that he’s possibly aiming for The Carving or something out in that way, but Cassia really is going out on a whim here to figure it out.

Of course, by the time she gets to the village, it’s too late – he’s gone.  She’s linked up with a girl that was in the work camp (Indie) and together they make their way to the mountains, towards the Carving in the hopes that they’ll find him before they die.  Or if they don’t find him, that they find something that’s better than what they have been living in the Society.

Their travels takes them to land that’s demanding, and they are forced to hide, camp out, scavenge when they can, all that the same time being just a day or so being Ky (and Vick and Eli).  The thing that keeps Ky going is the hope that some how he/’ll be able to go back for Cassia, and for Cassia, it’s that she keeps thinking that she’s seeing her name or markings from Ky and she feels like she’s really close.

They both come across a settlement tucked inside a canyon where Ky remembers as a place that his father talked about living and that had memories for him.  This was a breath of fresh air to an extent since there was food stored, and other valuables that could be used in trades if the need arose.  It’s not long after this one good fortune, (coming across a settlement and Hunter who happened to be part of the Settlement and could therefore provide assistance) that Ky and Cassia’s teams cross paths.  It’s great to see these 2 re-united, and the dynamic that grows among them, and with Indie, Eli and Hunter.

Together, they all continue their search for aid, for The Rising, for The Pilot yet they aren’t quite sure what they are looking for or if what they are looking for even exists.  It could all be just ‘lore’ or it could all be something that was created just to keep people hoping, but given Ky’s father’s background, they think that there’s something out there that’s better than what they know and therefore keep pushing forward.

it’s interesting to see the bonds that are built, fostered, and killed.  there’s a lot more relationship development that i picked up this time around, and a lot of the story that i guess i thought of one way when i read it the first time that was really something else.  I was thinking the worst in many instances which took my attention away from the plot, when really the true story was going in another direction.  So…my recommendation to you guys, if you read it 1x and aren’t wowed….give it some time and re-visit.  there’s more to the story – really.

Review: Deity (Covenant #3) by Jennifer L Armentrout

the long awaited sequel in the Covenant Series delivered what i was hoping for and what i needed.  Jennifer L Armentrout has quickly become one of my favorite authors in the YALit, paranormal, romancy genre because she has this ability to suck you in to the personal relationships while still maintaining the action and intrigue of the story itself.

In Deity, we find ourselves deep in the relationships of Alex (Alexandria) who is a half-blood and also the 2nd Appollyon of her generation.  Now if you haven’t read the other 2 books in the series, then you should know that it’s quite rare for there to be more than one Appollyon in a generation – and it’s actually only happened 1 time before in the history of these beings.  That one time didn’t end well, so you can only imagine what stress Alex is going through right now.  Anyway, back to Alex – she had made a choice in the last book to ‘see where things go’ with Seth who is the FIRST Appollyon of their generation, partly because he’s well….HOT, and partly becuase she understands that there’s a connection between them due to the Appollyon stuff and they are kind of meant to be mates in a sense of the word.  Atlhough she had made that choice in a sense, he heart is still with someone else, a PURE BLOOD named Aiden who she’s been close to for a bit, but hasn’t truly crossed the line with yet since he’s a pure and she’s not.  that’s forbidden in their society.

In any event, Alex is still tied up in her love triangle, and it’s getting closer and closer to her 18th birthday when she’ll Awaken and gain all the powers and ability of the Appollyon and therefore make Seth, the FIRST a ‘god killer’.  That’s the most feared thing going since it means that he’ll have all the power to do what he wishes to the gods – to the people, and if that power is harnessed by the wrong person or for the wrong reason – well things won’t be good.

In the last story, we saw attempts made on Alex’s life because of what she was and Seth kind of came to her rescue as did Aiden.  in Deity, we find that Alex has made a better choice for herself, doing what’s true to her heart and instead of going with Seth as her choice, she goes for Aiden who is her true love, and Aiden is able to give her more than anyone can imagine – support, trust, safety and love.

Aside from the romance bit of the story, like happened in the last book Pure, people are still after Alex, and she has more coming her way than any one can possibly expect to deal with.  She has to figure out who to trust, who’s on her side, what the Oracle really meant when there was foreshadowing to the future and of a generation with 2 Appollyons….and well, the biggest thing that we can take out of this story is that you really don’t know anyone at all.  those who you thought were one way, are entirely different, and certain people have ulterior motives.  you come to love some, hate others, and really enjoy most of the rest.  the last page…well….it hit me hard – and i really can’t wait for Book 4 to come out Elixer, because i see where the story is going and i really want it to work out a certain way.

I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say that there’s a bit of godliness in here, lots of fighting and anxiety, romance, twisted loyalties – and all that together makes for a GREAT read.

4.5 out of 5 stars (and that’s only because there really weren’t any Daimons in this book and i for some reason have become accustomed to worrying about when they are going to pop up next, who they will be and who they are after)

Review: Doms of Dark Haven 2 – Western Night

Similar to the first short story compilation, this set brings us to Dark Haven on another themed night – this time it’s Western night.  3 authors bring us back into the BDSM world within the club where we are introduced to yet another group of Doms.

A Good Sub Would… By Sierra Cartwright is the first short story in the series.  She introduces us to Masters David and Trevor while they are at Dark Haven for a charity poker game.  The dynamic between these 2 is very tense- they have a short history of Master Trevor stealing David’s subs….although i’m not quite sure how one can ‘steal’ a sub.  So this evening, Master David has Shelby with him, his ‘sometimes sub’ – as she is a long time friend and sometimes sub when she’s in town.  Their relationship is a relatively casual one but it works for them.  The challenge between these 2 is that Shelby sometimes tops from the bottom (a phrase that i’ve learned reading these types of stories) – she may be the sub, but she usually gives the direction to Master David in scenes.  Master Trevor on the other side though is one of the most domineering Doms that Dark Haven has known.  He’s got a reputation of expecting perfection from his subs, he dominates completely and punishes strongly when he’s not obeyed to the letter.

During the Poker game, some how Shelby is put up as a prize if the hand is lost by Master David, and some how that happens…..meaning that Shelby is in for the shock of her life.  She’s going from the safety of a dom that she’s known and knows what to expect to that of Master Trevor – 100% the unexpected yet that’s highly arousing

I enjoyed this story by Sierra much more than i did her story from Doms of Dark Haven (1) – i feel like there was much better development of the relationship between Shelby and the doms.  what i also REALLY ENJOYED was that Destiny was brought into this story as more than just a receptionist type character.  We see that she’s strong, caring and clearly very aware of everything that goes on in the club and around her.  i hope that one of the next stories that we read has her as a main character.

Hunting Holly by Belinda McBride is the 2nd story that we check into in the compilation and true to what we saw in Doms of Dark Haven 1, we’re revisiting the wolf pack.  Instead of meeting up with Harte’s pack, we’re back with the wolves from Chase’s crew – as they are summoned to Dark Haven by Master Xavier.  There seems to be something amiss that the Xavier seems to think that the wolves can help with and upon arrival, they find another young boy – similar to the one that we encountered in Doms of DH1 – and the wolves claim him since they know that he was ‘delivered’ by the Abraxas.  backing up a bit – once the wolves get to the club and learn that they are there for ‘someone’ – 2 wonder if it’s one of their own – a female (holly) that had run away from the pack a year ago.  Xavier confirms that it’s not a female and both Hunter and Tex seem a bit deflated since they were both hoping that they’d find her.

After claiming the boy, the wolves turn to leave when they get the sense that another one of their own species is in the club and while 2 leave with the boy, Hunter and Tex tune into the scent to figure out who it is.  That’s when they discover that in fact it IS Holly and that she’s there – and they go on the hunt to find her, and then stake their claim.

What i found in this story though, is that even though they are in a BDSM club, there really isn’t much of that at the forefront of the story.  Hunter is clueless in anything sexual since he’s quite the virigin, and although Tex has been at the club before and is comfortable with the environment (he has his own bag of toys) – he’s really not a commanding dom.  at least not compared to all those other doms that we’ve met at Dark Haven.  The little love triangle that kind of develops is really anti-climactic since it seems very PG to me.

what i did like though is that Destiny again takes a role in this story – she’s always watching out for what’s going on and Holly even gets a little sense from her that something’s up but she can’t put her finger on it and doesn’t give it another thought.  I hope that sometime soon we get to see more of a story about her.

Welcome to the Darkside  by Cherise Sinclair again reminds me of the reason to keep her as a fav and to read any collection that includes her since she truly is a good author.  This story is written in the same tone as all others, and ocntinues along with characters that we’ve met and enjoyed in previous books.  In this story, we re-meet Virgil who is Kallie’s cousin (from Master of the Abyss- Mountain Masters series). …and he’s not quite sure if BDSM is for him since he know how much he didn’t care for the lifestyle in the series.  He never looked favorably upon the reputation that it had from Logan/Jake in the series.  So here we are, finding Virgil at Dark Haven one night because he’s trying to determine if he’s a ‘pervert’ as he likes to call himself or if he’s just into a bit of kink and can put it on the back burner.

That same night we are re-introduced to Summer whom we met in Doms of Dark Haven 1 – when Rona was first involved with Simon and discovers Summer with a BAD DOM (Dirk) who isn’t respecting the use of a safe word.  So, because of that, Summer’s a bit gun shy around doms, yet she knows that she’s a submissive through and through.  Simon knows what Summer needs, and also knows a bit about Virgil, so it’s an easy pairing in his mind to put the two of them together.

So this story continues on that path, developing that relationship so much better than the other authors in the collection did with their pairings and that make the story so much richer and deeper.  Cherise doesn’t shy away from kink or dirty/rough sex scenes which is also nice compared to some of the more vanilla tones that we saw in the previous stories.

the question just becomes – what will Virgil decide about the BDSM lifestyle and how it works or doens’t work with his life as a cop in a small town.  Will Summer be ok in another relationship or has Dirk ruined her forever?  I have to give this story a 4 out of 5 stars because it was great – just not long enough to get any of that anticipation and anxiety that i do so love.

Again, these collections have something for everyone who’s into BDSM, Erotica, paranormal, and fantasy.  check it out!