Review: Exposed to You: A One Night of Passion Novel #2 by Beth Kery

i’m a sucker for any book that has ‘to you’ in the title – i.e. bared to you, reflected in you, entwined in you, and well….this just seemed right up my alley. After reading the whole ‘Because you are Mine’ series last week, i felt like Beth Kery was slowly becoming a favorite of mine.

True to form, we’re introduced to a set of really strong characters – and they come from – of course- completely different worlds. Everett is a movie star, with those amazingly stunning looks – he’s the kind of guy that every woman drools over, yet none seem to connect with.

Then we meet Joy who is an AMAZING artist (do we see a trend here with Beth’s characters all being artistic so far?) – anyway, she’s a fantastic artist – teaches art in a gifted school and helps out her Uncle Seth from time to time in his company. Seth owns ‘Hightower Special Effects’ which does the makeup for hollywood movies.

So we meet Joy while she’s been asked by Seth to help out on the set of a photo shoot for a HUGE blockbuster called Maritime which Everett is starring in. Yet at their first meeting, she doesn’t even know who he is – i.e. meaning that she doesn’t realize that she’s getting all up close and personal with the hottest movie star on the planet. It makes what was an awful day that much better though – see….Joy just learned that day that she has cancer – the same kind in a general sense that killed her mother. So all that – fear, anxiety, and this hot swealtering man….well that just equals sexual tension and chemistry in my book.

and that it does…for a few minutes at least.

They go their separate ways – Everett knowing who she is (i.e. Seth’s niece) yet she has no idea who he is.

fast forward about a year and their paths cross at the Chicago premier of the movie – Joy now lives in Chicago and Everett is in town for the event. The re-connect, Joy FINALLY connecting the dots that her amazing encounter a year ago was with Everett and that he’s kind of interested in a repeat….and that is the start of their complex story.

Complicated to say the least. Joy has closed herself off from anyone getting too close because of her Cancer and the fear that it will come back. Everett considers himself a bit ‘damned’ in the love department because he feels like he’s been given every other good fortune in the world that he thinks he’ll never find the right woman.

Throw in a sister and brother in law that really want to help, an over protective uncle and that just means a lot of opinions on the matter.

so…all in all a decent story right? what i enjoyed is that you get to see different sides of each of these leads. you kind of learn what makes them tick and why they are how they are. what i didn’t quite understand though is why Beth Kery (the author) didn’t go as deep into some things as i thought she could have. Mainly, she kept implying that Everett had this dark ‘undesireable’ unacceptable sexual side…but i didn’t see that. i figured there would be some extreme naughtiness…and unless i’m a bit jaded from all the BDSM that i’ve been reading, i just missed it.

doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave me reading more and more trying to figure out what was going to happen with these 2….hoping for the best for joy, separate from Everett…wondering what the story was with Katie, and actually wondering if there was more to Seth since i sense that from the beginning.

check it out – entertaining, enjoyable and pretty decently written.

Review: Because You’re Mine series by Beth Kery

Again i’m drawn to a book based on the cover art and this series didn’t disappoint.  The one thing that I’ve learned is that there are quite a few erotica authors that do these mini-books for a series – like maybe a chapter or 2 so there are 6+ books for the whole story that get you through it in just a couple chapters per book.  each story was about 50-60 pages so i guess all in all the story piece of this 8 episode series was roughly 300 pages

so in this story, we’re introduced to Francesca who is 23, an artist and who just won a commission to paint a piece of art that will hang in the lobby of Noble Enterprises in Chicago.  The CEO is Ian Noble, a young thirty-ish handsome Brit that has this ability to draw people with with his raw sexuality and manliness.

so that first night when they meet at a reception being thrown in Francesca’s honor, of course she has no idea what she’s getting herself into.  She agrees to paint the art in a studio in Ian’s penthouse and of course there’s a level of tension and heat in the air around them that just draws one another together.

Francesca is the ultimate innocent – being a virgin of course yet we learn that she was quite overweight when she was growing up which means that Ian has his work cut out for himself in teach her both about all things sexual and about confidence.

The story takes us to Paris and back, through eroticism, personal growth, a bit of BDSM and lastly some romance.  The question here is whether Francesca will come to terms with who she is, make things work out in her personal life both financially and with her relationships and if anything will ever work out between Ian and Francesca…sexually of course.

I really enjoyed this series since the relationship development is pretty good – we not only get to see the interactions between the 2 leading characters, but we get the back story a bit from Ian’s side – why he is the way that he is, what his family is like and how he’s come to his stature.  That’s something that we don’t always get that i’m pleased to see.

all in all- i recommend that you check out this series and the good thing is that you can download all 8 books so that you can read them in immediate succession.  i had a nice day yesterday getting through it all and i’m kind of a little sad to see it over.


Review: Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

I came across this book when i was browsing through titles on  I’m not usually one to fall for the banner ads on sites because i know that they typically aren’t ‘organic’ but the cover art just drew me in.  I read the synopsis and immediately found myself downloading the full version (vs. the 5 book minis that make up the larger book).  I haven’t heard of the author Sara Fawkes before but definitely figured that she’s be worth the try.

so we are introduced to Lucy, who is our leading lady.  She works as a temp in NYC for a data entry firm of some sort.  Of course, it’s a large multi-company building that she works in because she finds herself staring at a dashingly handsome stranger in the elevator line EVERY day on her way into work.  For several weeks she’s made sure to be in his elevator just to catch a glimpse of him, and of course even though she’s under the assumption that he doesn’t notice such things, he knows she’s there, and her assumed invisibility is about to go to crap.

While in the elevator with this sexy rich looking man one day, they find themselves alone, he confronts her with the knowledge that she’s clearly drawn to him, and they have the first of many erotic encounters.  Lucy is completely out of her element, not being accustomed to all this kind of attention from ‘sexy’ men, and not being one to ever do things in public, but that doesn’t stop her.  Not much after that, the man finds Lucy after work and they fall into each other yet again.

The following day, Lucy is summoned by HR and taken up to one of the higher up corporate floors.  She finds herself in a part of the building that is unlike any other – more modern and opulent.  then she finds herself in the office of a man…who turns out to not only be the same one that she’s been drooling over for ages, but the same one that she’s been intimate with recently, and well, turns out that he’s the CEO of a major company, a billionaire and none other an Jeremiah (Remi) Hamillton.  our leading man.

Long story short, Lucy is informed that even prior to their encounters, her job had been determined unnecessary and she was going to be out of work.  Jeremiah propositioned her with an opportunity to then be his personal assistant, probably partly due to their chemistry and his draw to her and partly because she really is good at what she does.  So, that same day that Lucy is offered her job, her life turns upside down.

She is flown around the world, finds herself in grave danger, isn’t sure who she can trust….all while having AMAZING sex with Jeremiah of course.  If only it ended there right?

One of the things that i LOVED about this book is that you are drawn right into the story from the onset – the way that Sara talks about Lucy and her impressions of Jeremiah.  The way that the story just gets right into it without feeling like it’s rushed.  Then as the story evolves, you begin to think that you’re putting the puzzle together, yet when things shake out, you find that you weren’t entirely correct.  I like to pride myself on being able to figure out stories and get a sense of what’s going to happen, and throughout this one, i found that i was typically a good way.  i read through this really quickly because i was so drawn, and the intense anxiety that happened for the last third really made me want to keep reading

Now what i’m left wondering is whether or not there’s going to be a follow up.  i can’t seem to find out online yet, but that doesn’t mean that i won’t keep looking.  the way that this story left off really lends itself to another book, which i’m praying is what the plan is.  I certainly haven’t had enough of Lucy, Jeremiah and everyone else…..check it out – definitely a 4 out of 5 stars!


Confusion: Books in a Series out of Order???

I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to figure something out.  I’ve been hooked on the Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning, read through Backstage Pass and Rock Hard – thinking that i could cruise into book 3 Double Time while waiting for book 4 Hot Ticket to come out.  So I started reading Double Time and realized that i’m kind of lost.

at the end of book 2, we know that Sed and Jess get together and are basically on the edge of a proposal.  We know that Brian and Myrna have decided that they want a baby soon…and that’s basically it.

Then i pick up what’s labeled as Book 3, and well, there’s so much that clearly happened that even after just 7-8 chapters, i feel like something has gone drastically wrong.  People are coupled off, married, there’s been a bus accident, the Sinners have already put out their latest album.  where did the time go?

so now i’m a bit miffed, upset and overall confused.  I go back and read some of the summary to what’s called book 4 – and find that maybe that’s supposed to be book 3 and they were just released out of order?  So now, the part that makes me more annoyed, not just that i have to wait for the real book 3 to come out, but that i know what’s going to happen because i’ve already read about 60+ pages of the sequel.

kind of ruins the suspense a bit – so i might have to distance myself from the series for a while, hopefully forget what i just read about, read a few other things and then maybe by the time that Hot Ticket comes out, i’ll be able to put a fresh lens on things.