Review: Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

I came across this book when i was browsing through titles on  I’m not usually one to fall for the banner ads on sites because i know that they typically aren’t ‘organic’ but the cover art just drew me in.  I read the synopsis and immediately found myself downloading the full version (vs. the 5 book minis that make up the larger book).  I haven’t heard of the author Sara Fawkes before but definitely figured that she’s be worth the try.

so we are introduced to Lucy, who is our leading lady.  She works as a temp in NYC for a data entry firm of some sort.  Of course, it’s a large multi-company building that she works in because she finds herself staring at a dashingly handsome stranger in the elevator line EVERY day on her way into work.  For several weeks she’s made sure to be in his elevator just to catch a glimpse of him, and of course even though she’s under the assumption that he doesn’t notice such things, he knows she’s there, and her assumed invisibility is about to go to crap.

While in the elevator with this sexy rich looking man one day, they find themselves alone, he confronts her with the knowledge that she’s clearly drawn to him, and they have the first of many erotic encounters.  Lucy is completely out of her element, not being accustomed to all this kind of attention from ‘sexy’ men, and not being one to ever do things in public, but that doesn’t stop her.  Not much after that, the man finds Lucy after work and they fall into each other yet again.

The following day, Lucy is summoned by HR and taken up to one of the higher up corporate floors.  She finds herself in a part of the building that is unlike any other – more modern and opulent.  then she finds herself in the office of a man…who turns out to not only be the same one that she’s been drooling over for ages, but the same one that she’s been intimate with recently, and well, turns out that he’s the CEO of a major company, a billionaire and none other an Jeremiah (Remi) Hamillton.  our leading man.

Long story short, Lucy is informed that even prior to their encounters, her job had been determined unnecessary and she was going to be out of work.  Jeremiah propositioned her with an opportunity to then be his personal assistant, probably partly due to their chemistry and his draw to her and partly because she really is good at what she does.  So, that same day that Lucy is offered her job, her life turns upside down.

She is flown around the world, finds herself in grave danger, isn’t sure who she can trust….all while having AMAZING sex with Jeremiah of course.  If only it ended there right?

One of the things that i LOVED about this book is that you are drawn right into the story from the onset – the way that Sara talks about Lucy and her impressions of Jeremiah.  The way that the story just gets right into it without feeling like it’s rushed.  Then as the story evolves, you begin to think that you’re putting the puzzle together, yet when things shake out, you find that you weren’t entirely correct.  I like to pride myself on being able to figure out stories and get a sense of what’s going to happen, and throughout this one, i found that i was typically a good way.  i read through this really quickly because i was so drawn, and the intense anxiety that happened for the last third really made me want to keep reading

Now what i’m left wondering is whether or not there’s going to be a follow up.  i can’t seem to find out online yet, but that doesn’t mean that i won’t keep looking.  the way that this story left off really lends itself to another book, which i’m praying is what the plan is.  I certainly haven’t had enough of Lucy, Jeremiah and everyone else…..check it out – definitely a 4 out of 5 stars!


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