Review: Exposed to You: A One Night of Passion Novel #2 by Beth Kery

i’m a sucker for any book that has ‘to you’ in the title – i.e. bared to you, reflected in you, entwined in you, and well….this just seemed right up my alley. After reading the whole ‘Because you are Mine’ series last week, i felt like Beth Kery was slowly becoming a favorite of mine.

True to form, we’re introduced to a set of really strong characters – and they come from – of course- completely different worlds. Everett is a movie star, with those amazingly stunning looks – he’s the kind of guy that every woman drools over, yet none seem to connect with.

Then we meet Joy who is an AMAZING artist (do we see a trend here with Beth’s characters all being artistic so far?) – anyway, she’s a fantastic artist – teaches art in a gifted school and helps out her Uncle Seth from time to time in his company. Seth owns ‘Hightower Special Effects’ which does the makeup for hollywood movies.

So we meet Joy while she’s been asked by Seth to help out on the set of a photo shoot for a HUGE blockbuster called Maritime which Everett is starring in. Yet at their first meeting, she doesn’t even know who he is – i.e. meaning that she doesn’t realize that she’s getting all up close and personal with the hottest movie star on the planet. It makes what was an awful day that much better though – see….Joy just learned that day that she has cancer – the same kind in a general sense that killed her mother. So all that – fear, anxiety, and this hot swealtering man….well that just equals sexual tension and chemistry in my book.

and that it does…for a few minutes at least.

They go their separate ways – Everett knowing who she is (i.e. Seth’s niece) yet she has no idea who he is.

fast forward about a year and their paths cross at the Chicago premier of the movie – Joy now lives in Chicago and Everett is in town for the event. The re-connect, Joy FINALLY connecting the dots that her amazing encounter a year ago was with Everett and that he’s kind of interested in a repeat….and that is the start of their complex story.

Complicated to say the least. Joy has closed herself off from anyone getting too close because of her Cancer and the fear that it will come back. Everett considers himself a bit ‘damned’ in the love department because he feels like he’s been given every other good fortune in the world that he thinks he’ll never find the right woman.

Throw in a sister and brother in law that really want to help, an over protective uncle and that just means a lot of opinions on the matter.

so…all in all a decent story right? what i enjoyed is that you get to see different sides of each of these leads. you kind of learn what makes them tick and why they are how they are. what i didn’t quite understand though is why Beth Kery (the author) didn’t go as deep into some things as i thought she could have. Mainly, she kept implying that Everett had this dark ‘undesireable’ unacceptable sexual side…but i didn’t see that. i figured there would be some extreme naughtiness…and unless i’m a bit jaded from all the BDSM that i’ve been reading, i just missed it.

doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave me reading more and more trying to figure out what was going to happen with these 2….hoping for the best for joy, separate from Everett…wondering what the story was with Katie, and actually wondering if there was more to Seth since i sense that from the beginning.

check it out – entertaining, enjoyable and pretty decently written.

3 thoughts on “Review: Exposed to You: A One Night of Passion Novel #2 by Beth Kery

  1. If you like all the “to you” books read “the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” series.
    It’s written by Anne Rice and a lot more authentic.
    As an active member in the bdsm community I find a to to be desired in the recent bdsm(ish)novels out there
    But, Anne Rice definitely does it justice

    • Thanks for the suggestion – i don’t think that I’d heard of that one before – but i’ll definitely check it out. Are there any that may not be quite so recent that you’ve enjoyed or authors that you’d recommend? it’s definitely a genre/community that i’ve become more interested in lately (clearly :))

      • These book were written in the 80’s
        Also, there is the Story of O which is a pretty good read
        and Exit to Eden
        They made crappy movies of them both, but the books are worth reading!

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