Review: Addicted to You (One Night in Passion #1) by Bethany Kane

well – i made the error of reading things slightly out of order – accidentally reading book 2 first, however i don’t think that it really took away from the experience of reading Addicted to You.

So, to back up, in the 2nd book, we meet Rill and Katie…a pair that had been a part of a tight knit group of friends all through college and then some.  Rill is an accomplished Hollywood director, Katie is the sister of A list celeb Everett….and that’s part of the glue that keeps everyone together.

We meet Rill in this story when he’s at what’s probably the lowest point in his existence.  He’s been in this deep depression since the death of his wife…and he’s secluded himself into Vulture’s Canyon – a community in the middle of Shawnee National Forest.  He’s managed to drink himself into a perpetual stupor – no one wants to be around him, no one can pull him out of his funk…and therein lies the problem.

The night that we’re introduced to katie, Rill is in rare form – soo drunk that he’s not even sure what he’s seeing…who he’s seeing and decides to think of it as just part of a drunken imagination / dream scape.

In fact, it’s Katie, who’s come all the way from LA to see if she can smack some sense into him.  Everyone’s been worried about Rill, Everett didn’t have success so now she’s trying her hand at it.  Mind you, she kind of has ulterior motives because she’s always had a little crush on Rill and well…she’s quite dissatisfied with her life in LA. So on the night that they both are in the same space at the same time….their interaction is charged, electric and HOT HOT HOT.  Katie lets Rill do what he wants, and knows that there’s a large chance that Rill won’t even remember any of it.

Circumstances happen of course, and nope – Rill doesn’t remember that it was Katie, Katie finds herself temporarily if not permanently tied to Vultures Canyon for reasons other than Rill, and Rill is less than thrilled with this.  Katie then takes it upon herself to sober Rill up, get him healthy and figure out what the heck is going on with him.  She also finds that there’s clearly unrest between her brother and his best friend…and has to get to the bottom of that one.

So, in clear Bethany Kane/ Beth Kerry style, we’re drawn fast and hard into a sexually charged, hot and steamy interaction between people that doubt they are good for one another, yet can’t keep their hands off each other.

The sex is hot, the dynamic between the duo is hotter and we can only sit back and hope that they don’t combust from all that steam and fire.

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