Review: Anything He Wants (book 6): Castaway #1 by Sara Fawkes

Sometimes i really hate it when i read so fast, especially when it’s in the form of these little novellas.  i’ve found that when the story is good, 100 pages or so goes by like it’s 10.

In any event, if you remember where the first 5 installments (combined into the nice long installment of the series), Lucy had told Jeremiah that she loved him (in the heat of the moment), Jeremiah freaked out and told her that she should ‘keep platitudes like that to herself’….Loki (or Lucas), Jeremiah’s brother had stirred up quite a bit of trouble, and as a result, Lucy finds herself in trouble yet again, being kidnapped by Lucas….and with no idea what’s going on her life.

She’s miserable because she allowed herself to fall for Jeremiah and he apparently didn’t feel the same way, because she’s now been captured by Lucas who strongly resembles his younger brother, and she’s scared for her life and for her emotions.

So ‘Castaway’ takes us now to the point where Lucy has to rely on Lucas to keep her safe from the same men that he does business with…..the same folks that live off of doing illegal things.  like being gunrunners, smuggling all sorts of contraband etc.  Lucas had thought that once she was forced to help translate for them that she could be free but the men that were working on this deal had other ideas and as a result, Lucas had to bring Lucy on board a ship that was transporting the goods and try to keep her safe.  The best way that he could do that was to keep her in his room and we of course know what happens when you’re in close quarters with an attractive man, you’re on the rebound and you’re scared out of your mind.

Throughout this installment, we all wonder what’s going to happen with Lucy and Jeremiah, if they are done and she’s going to move on with Lucas or if he’s going to some how come back around.  We also are left to wonder if there’s going to be something with Lucas and Lucy in the future….all great questions…

what this means though is that i have to wait another month for book 7 to come out but i guess i can manage….

happy reading!

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