Review: When I’m With You (Part 2) by Beth Kery

The story continues on with Lucien and Elise treading on uncertain territory.  They’ve agreed that there’s a strong attraction there and that it’s something that they are choosing to take action on.

Lucien finds himself w/o a head chef after firing Mario and thinks that he’s hired someone else to fill in when surprise surprise Elise is the one that’s taking lead of the kitchen.  that’s where things really continue since he’s found that he’s become more responsible for her and really feels like he owes it to himself and to her to be protective.

The steamy relationship continues to build and we can only imagine what’s going to come next….

Will they give into their relationship and will that cloud a working relationship?  will she continue to work for Lucien since we know that he doesn’t like that idea?  Will the secret of Elise’s ‘poverty’ come out?

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