Review: When I’m Bad (When I’m With You Part 4) by Beth Kery


Title:  When I’m Bad
Author: Beth Kerry
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group (USA) 3/26/13
Length: 62 pages
Series: When I’m With You Part 4


Lucien knows there’s no going back now—Elise is not a woman a man takes in half measure. It’s all or nothing. In moving forward to make her his—completely—he promises that if she submits she’ll discover what she craves too. The kind of sharp, imperative edge of pleasure she’s never truly known before.

But Elise proves to be such a wild, fiery, and sexually fearsome woman that Lucien wonders if she can ever really surrender to him. When she does let loose, Lucien fears that he is the one getting closer to being burned. As the two of them get deeper into a dangerous sexual dance, Lucien can’t help but wonder if the exquisite firestorm that Elise has ignited could expose his secrets, draw him dangerously close to the edge, and leave his future in ashes.

My Thoughts

Ahh, finally getting into the heat of the story – there were only 2 chapters a mere 59 pages in this installment, but they packed in the heat for sure!  the question is, how hot and steamy does it get?  We know that Lucien likes to control situations especially when sex and sexual activities are involved but Elise doesn’t seem like the kind of girl to give up power and control.

I’m still trying to figure out when the truth of things will come out and what’s going to happen….will Elise’s inexperience show through?  will we ever find out what’s so mysterious about Ian and Lucien’s relationship and what information Lucien has ?

i guess i’ll have another week to wait to find out if we learn more in part 5

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