Re-Review: Unearthly and Hallowed (Unearthly series Books 1 & 2) by Cynthia Hand

It’s so hard sometimes when you’re such an avid reader that you’re reading through more than 10 series at any given time.  I’ve found that since there’s usually a decent gap between when installments are released, i have to go back and do a refresher before i can get into the next book.  this is the case here with the Unearthly series – not because the characters and story didn’t stick in my mind, but because i wanted to make sure that i was 100% clear on what was going on, and where we left off so that i’m not confused.

So in Unearthly, we meet Clara who is 16 and has recently learned that she’s an angel-blood – meaning that at least one of her parents is part angel.  we learn in this story that it’s her mother, and that her mother was a Dimidium meaning that she’s HALF angel.  This means that Clara and her brother Jeffrey are Quartarious – 1/4 angels.  less rare, but still with some great powers.

Upon turning 16, Clara begins to get visions depicting her ‘purpose’ which is something that all angels have in common.  they all have a greater purpose that they are supposed to serve and it’s never clear up front and usually something that’s not easy to do either.  So after a lot of time spent trying to understand what her vision was showing her, where it was happening etc, her family moves from Sunny California to a place in the Grand Tetons i think – in the mountains where it’s cold and snowy and rather than surfing, and water skiing, people are snow skiing and into outdoorsy things like hiking.  BIG CHANGE for Clara and her family.

so this story takes us along the journey that clara has, trying to figure out what her purpose is, finding the people that she builds relationships with:  Wendy her BFF from the start, her twin brother Tucker who’s an interesting love match, Christian, the SEXY popular guy in school who’s got a bit of mystery to himself, and Angela – who’s some what of a loner, yet she’s got some mystery as well and has a quick bond with Clara.

through a series of interesting events, weird stuff happens and takes un expected turns, and that leads us into ‘Hallowed’ – book 2.  This is where we find that Clara is in a deep romantic relationship with one of the male leads, and a spiritual connection with another.  which one you ask?  well i’m afraid to say which in case you’re reading this review for the first time of the series and you haven’t gotten through book 1 yet.

In any event, if you thought that Book 1 took you on interesting paths, book 2 is even more complex.  you’re taking on a journey that introduces you to the unkonwns with Angels, the dark side with black wings and powers that really are more complex than anyone knows.  you learn more about the life cycle of Angels and what it actually means to be a part of their history.

now this means that tonight i get to jump into Boundless (book 3) and see where things are going.  i think that we were left off in a suspenseful place at the end of book 2, we find out things about parents and family that we didn’t know and there’s still something going on with Jeffrey that we don’t really get.  He’s always been a loose cannon anyway no?

so….tonight i’m jumping into Boundless and we’ll see if i can get my fill for a bit.  enjoy!

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