Review: When you Submit (When I’m with you #5) by Beth Kerry

As the story continues, we’ve found that Lucien’s discovered some of what Elise has been hiding, yet because of their intense chemistry it doesn’t matter.

We also learn that all’s not well in one of Lucien’s businesses so he’s forced to leave Elise and head back to Paris.  while that happens, he decides that it’s ample time to begin teaching Elise the ways of being a submissive and gives her ‘homework’.

also in this installment, we see the friendship between Francesca and Elise grow so it’ll be interesting to see what pans out there since we know that Francesca’s found out who Elise’s father is, which means that there’s a high liklihood that everyone’s going to find out soon enough that Elise and Lucien have known each other for a long time.

next installment comes in a few days so we’ll see what comes of things then.

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