Review: When I’m With You (book 6) When you Trust Me by Beth Kerry

Although i feel like i’m getting teased with these short 2 chapter novellas, i have to say that w’ere FINALLY getting somewhere and it’s nice.  When we last left off, Lucien was in Paris trying to deal with the nonsense that’s going on with one of the businesses that he took over when his father went to prison, and Elise was back in Chicago, working at the restaurant and learning to follow the instructions of her dom…..

So in book 6, we learn that there are paranoia issues that Elise has in terms of what she thinks Lucien feels for her, about her and what he acts on.  We know that Lucien has these demons as well…or rather a past that he’s trying to dig through, and this installment is where we begin to make headway.  we finally begin to get a glimpse at what the relationship is with Lucien and Ian and why it has formed.  We see that Lucien is also willing to open up a bit more to Elise and that whatever she thought his feelings/intentions were towards her, they really go a bit deeper and are more honest.

I guess the real question is what will happen from here?  Lucien seems to really be making progress in various investigations that he’s working on but will he find out answers and will he like those answers?  Will Elise be able to keep herself from blurting out things that she shouldn’t and not meddle where shes’ been asked not to?  i have a feeling that she’s going to put her foot in her mouth at some point in the near future (namely a dinner that she and Lucien were invited to at Francesca’s and Ians).

oh, and we get a pretty naughty sex scene on a rooftop and lots of pretty jewels.  what’s better than that right girls?

so i guess we’ll know more next Tuesday.  happy reading! 

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