Review: When I Need You (When I’m With You #7) by Beth Kerry


Title: When I Need You
Author: Beth Kerry
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group (USA), 4/16/2013
Length: 68 pages
Series: When I’m With You #7

chapters 13-15 i believe are what we got this week, so i’m thinking that we’re getting close to the end, or maybe just the mid way point.  in any event, we pick up during a night of intense passion between Elise and Lucien since Lucien shows us that his kink is of the highest class with his jewelry inspired gear and his touch of romance by putting a bed on the roof for a night of passion under the stars.

What i liked about this installment is that we see that Lucien’s starting to open up a little bit and that he’s also being mindful of Elise’s abilities and ideas for the future.  In a past installment, Elise had mentioned to Lucien that she wanted to open a very specific type of restaurant, one that caters towards people who are recovering from whatever addictions plague them.  Lucien saw the sense in that both common and business and has made an offer to Elise that would be stupid for her to turn down.

Anyhow, what we get in these chapters this week is the sense that Elise is concerned that her feelings for Lucien aren’t paralleled which i guess we’ll see how it plays out.  we also get a bit more information on the search that Lucien’s doing for his biological mother.

so i guess we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to see what’s next in their story.  enjoy!

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