Review: When We are One (When I’m With You #8) by Beth Kerry


Title: When We are One  
Author: Beth Kerry
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group 4/23/13
Length: 56 pages
Series: When I’m With You series #8

In this 8th installment (chapters 15 and 16) we find ourselves finally in a place that’s not solely about their sexual exploration.  These 2 chapters take us through a struggle in Elise and Lucien’s relationship as well as taking Lucien down quite a dark path himself.  As we’ve been  building up throughout the series an ulterior motive for Lucien moving to Chicago and getting close to Ian, we find in this installment that it all comes to a head.  what we’ve been waiting to learn, we finally uncover and it sets up # 9 (which i believe is the end) really well.

Short and sweet…..


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