Drumming my fingers in anticipation

I love when i have more books than i know what to do with in my ‘to read’ list on Goodreads or my library.  what gets me though is that i wish i knew how to get on those pre-release lists.  I see all the time that there are folks out there who are constantly getting ARCs (digital ones at that) and I’d love to join those ranks since i really do love more than anything to discover a new story line and get everyone i know to get excited.

With all that being said, i’m actually pretty happy that while i’m waiting for next installments to come out for my current series, i’ve stumbled upon a few that i’m not quite sure how i missed.  right now i’m reading ‘Under the Never Sky’ by Veronica Rossi, and i’m really enjoying it.  what got me even more is that i realized a few weeks back that i have ‘Roar and Liv’ in my e-library set to read soon, and that’s actually a follow up to this first installment.  what would i have done with myself had i read them out of order?  that’s one of my biggest frustrations.

so…my weekend looks like it’s going to be taking care of my lil ones and trying to fit in an hour or 2 more to finish ‘Under the Never Sky’ and then figure out how to get into the good graces of the ARC gods.  i’m open to suggestions.

Happy Friday everyone.

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