The Joy Of Reading (at all ages)

I know that i typically write reviews but i wanted to share with you something that i found to be really interesting, heart warming and somewhat a result of our technology.  So if you don’t know much about me, i’m a mom of 3 little ones.  i have 3 yr old twin girls and a son who’s almost 2.  We live in NYC and while it’s great on nice weather days because you can take your kids outside for HOURS and enjoy what there is to quench their attention, on those less than nice weather days, you can be stumped.

What i’ve learned though is that my kids thing that Barnes and Nobles is a playroom.  This is FANTASTIC news to any parent because while i don’t always want to spend money on frivolous things, i’m more than happy to buy books on top of books on top of books.

So here’s where my entertainment stems from most recently.  a couple weeks ago, i took all my kids to BN on a Sunday morning, and as soon as we get into the kids sections, one of my girls goes directly to the Dr Seuss section and proceeds to pick up 6 new books that i’m not sure how she knew that we didn’t have.  it literally took her 30 seconds to pick out these 6 and she wouldn’t settle for me getting her anything else.  This of course meant that i had to be equitable with her twin and what she got (which lately has been Strawberry Shortcake or Fresh Beats Band books).  Then my son entered into the game and wanted Blues Clues and Yo Gabba Gabbe.  a lot more money than i wanted to spend later, we were off back to our apartment.

FAST FORWARD to last night.  Typically after we’ve done the dinner routine and baths/PJs, i’ll sit on the couch and pick up my iPad and read a book.  Because we tend to travel quite a bit, my kids all have their own tablets too (kindle fires).  So last night, while i’m reading, they all go scurry off and return a few minutes later and plop them down in what i’m told is ‘circle time’ with their tablets, and they are each reading a book.  at times aloud to each other.  It was quite possibly the cutest thing in the world.

When i asked my kids what they were doing – they said ‘mommy – we’re reading on our ‘puters’ like you’

Parting thought:  What more could a mom want!


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