Review: Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour #4) by Olivia Cunning


Title:  Wicked Beat
Author:  Olivia Cunning
Publisher/Year:  Sourcebooks 8/6/13
Length:  416 Pages
Series: Sinners on Tour #4


How Far Out Are Your Fantasies?

When Rebekah Blake becomes the Sinners’ new soundboard operator, she has no idea that red-hot drummer Eric Sticks is the only man who can give her everything her dirty mind desires…

My Thoughts

In this 4th installment of the series, we finally get Eric Sticks story.  It was a given that he’d be next given where Jace left us off in his admission that he’s in the band all because of what impression and influence/adoration he had from Eric (unbeknownst to him of course).  We don’t really know much about Eric to be honest, except that he LOVES to watch each of the couples with their women – he’s more of a voyeur than an active participant, but it’s something that we’ve kind of grown to like about him and not really find creepy.

We also meet Reb (Rebekah) who is temporarily taking the place as the FOH (front of house) soundboard engineer for her brother Dave who has been the Sinner’s engineer for years now but is slowly trying to recover from the awful life changing accident that we experienced in Book 3 that left him in a wheelchair.  Reb is Dave’s little sister and someone that he trusts with his job and not only because of her skill but because he knows that if he can get better enough to come back, she’ll give back the job.

When we meet Reb, she has an infatuation with Trey of course since that’s what a lot of ladies seem to want, although she slowly realizes that it’s Eric that makes her laugh and her belly quiver.  which is a nice change for her given that we’ve learned that she had a hysterectomy and feels like she’s not sexy and cannot get intimate with a man (especially because her ex-boyfriend led her to believe that she didn’t feel right inside anymore afterwards).  mind you i kind of wanted to slap the guy since a hysterectomy wouldn’t make a girl feel any different while having sex.  just saying!!! you have to assume something else is going on there

So this story takes us on the journey of Reb trying to prove that she’s a great engineer and can handle the job as a girl while others want her to mess up.  We also go on the journey of Reb finding that she’s sexy and can be intimate with a guy.  It’s also great for Eric because we find that part of the reason that he’s always watching is because he’s quick to come and can’t last more than a few minutes with a girl which he finds to be embarrassing.

What i enjoyed about this story is that Olivia Cunning is quite thoughtful and creative in how she makes this situation work for both of them.  She gives us some great kink and descriptive sex scenes that show that she’s thinking from both angles yet again which is amazing.  Reb figures out a way to condition Eric to last longer while giving her what she needs w/o actual sex, that is until she realizes that maybe just maybe Eric won’t find any problems with her.

There are a few interesting and nice twists that happen in this story.  we learn a bit more about Isaac, her ex boyfriend who couldn’t have sex with Reb after her surgery.  We also get to see a bit more about Trey which is nice since I know the next installment is all about him (he’s the last single one).  we also get to see what’s next for Brian/Myrna since we know that she’s finally preggo.

I can’t wait for the next book and what’s great is that since they were released in ebook out of order, i already have it.  Enjoy the heat, and the passion that we’ve come to appreciate from these rockers and the nice bit of kink.  I was steamy myself and i really want to play dress-up after reading about Eric and Reb and what they liked!

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