Review: Touch Me (One Night with Sole Regret #4) by Olivia Cunning


Title:  Touch Me
Author:  Olivia Cunning
Publisher/Year:  Olivia Cunning 4/19/13
Length:  134 Pages
Series: One Night With Sole Regret #4


He went there looking for a sure bet…
Sole Regret’s bassist, Owen Mitchell, is convinced that romance is for chumps. He’s only looking for a good time, and when he spots an attractive, older woman emitting men-suck vibes at a brand new sex club, he’s sure he’s found it.

She went there hoping to get over her ex-husband…
Successful business woman, Caitlyn Hanson, is still infuriated and hurt over her ex-husband’s affair with a much younger woman. She’s only looking to scrub his claim from her body by offering it to the first attractive man who shows her interest, and the young, hot stud, who just sat down at her table, will do quite nicely.

They never meant to get personal…
Caitlyn knows she’s not supposed to get attached to Owen just because he gives her body pleasure unlike any she’s ever known, but it’s her first one-night-stand and she can’t seem to keep her heart out of the equation. For once, Owen finds himself in the same conundrum. He likes Caitlyn too much to keep his heart at a safe distance, but will a mistake from Owen’s past drive her away forever?

My Thoughts

The saga continues and in a good way.  This time we get to see into the man known as Tags or Owen to his friends.  Owen has an interesting story that’s made him who he is and it’s a nice one.  He was the fat kid in school – the one that was always teased and that girls made fun of, and now he has the chance to kind of throw it in their face since he’s a smoking hot rock star with a heart of gold.

one thing that Olivia Cunning does really well which she’s done in the first few installments that we see continue here is the great ‘bromance’ pairings between guys in the band.  we saw Jacob/Adam and now we get to see more into what makes Kelly/Owen work.  It’s a nice friendship and i really can’t wait to see where she takes it.  (although i’m worrying a bit like it’s going to be like Brian/Trey from Sinner).  we’ll see

the leading lady that we get to meet here is Caitlyn who’s definitely sending out ‘men suck’ vibes from the recent demise of her marriage when her husband cheated on her and left her for a younger model (ironically very similar to how she landed him in the first place) .

In any event, Caitlyn decided to visit a sex club kind of as an ‘f-you’ to her ex and to make herself feel more sexy and attractive.  she was really just looking for some one night fun but meets Owen and her life is changed.

With the help of Kelly, Caitlyn explores her kinky side w/ Owen and we get to see that she’s not just a geek who’s successful on her own, but that she’s got all these sensual feelings that have been hiding for so long that Owen brings out.  It’s really nice too because we see deeper into Owen and really like him for the kind soul that’s there and how he translates that into how thoroughly he pleasures and consumes a woman.

and trust me, pleasure he does.  over and over and over again.  he shows Caitlyn that whatever she had before with her husband (being the only many she ever slept with) was a negative 5 on the scale of 1-10 especially since Owen knows his way around a woman and is a firm 11.

True to form in this series, we’re left on a high note when things couldn’t be going any better for the blooming couple when a groupie from concerts past show up 6 months preggo, claiming that the baby is Owens.  (or well, just about any of the band members and crew, but wants it to be Owens).  that means that there’s quite the rocky path for Owen/Caitlyn and we’ll have to wait and see what comes of it all.

good news is that i have the next installment waiting for me and i gather it’s Kelly’s story since it’s call Tie Me and his nick name is Cuff.  We also got an introduction to his ‘mad rope tying skills’ so that’ll be nice too.


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