Review: Grounded (Up in the Air #3) by R. K. Lilley


Title:  Grounded
Author:  R. K. Lilley
Publisher/Year:  R. K. Lilley 2/11/13
Length:  380 Pages
Series: Up In the Air #3


James and Bianca’s story draws to a close in the explosive conclusion to the Up In The Air Trilogy.

After a short but earnest courtship, Bianca can no longer deny her feelings for James, and though she’s tried her hardest, she can’t help but see that he cares deeply for her, as well. In a completely uncharacteristic move, she has put aside her misgivings and agreed to live with the enigmatic billionaire. Is her leap of faith the beginning of something wonderful, or is it too much, too fast?

As James and Bianca feel a growing need for each other that neither can deny, circumstances beyond their control intervene, trying to tear them apart. Amidst the ever mounting threat of a monster who wants Bianca dead, and the constant pitfalls of an indiscreet past that James can’t seem to escape, can these two passionate lovers manage to find their happily ever after?

My Thoughts

where we left off from Mile High really set things up to be quite forboding.  I myself had a few thoughts that were going to change the pace of the story, and honestly i was pleased to see that they weren’t entirely correct.

We had discovered the identity of the 702 caller and that was a big surprise in itself. we then learned that what Bianca knew about her family wasn’t quite accurate as well and that make for some troubling thoughts.  :Pairing that with James who was still terrified for Bianca to even be a foot away from him or out of his sight – well you know that there’s bound to be quite a bit of make up sex, a lot of angry sex, and a trade off of power between the dom and sub.

This third installment and finale of the series really led us down an exiting path.  We get to see what the relationship between James and Bianca will turn into and then we see what that means for everyone else that we’ve come to know and love.  What i was concerned about was that there would be issue with Stephan, and that was solved for quite nicely.  We also finally meet some nicer folks that have been in James’ circle so that was reassuring.  We learn to love Frankie – the tattoo artist that marked James, and a LONG time friend.  (albeit after Bianca reigned in her jealousy).  We meet Lana who is a best friend right off the bat and we see that Bianca makes an effort with Jackie.

What i love though is that we see consistency with Jules and Jolene and know that their motives haven’t changed and most likely will not.

There was the tension of a drugged fanatical man during all this which of course was to be expected and actually added a little bit to the story, although i’m surprised that it was kind of dropped once the scene was over.  oh well – i don’t think that it matters much in the grand scheme of things.

Interestingly enough, the few folks that i was skeptical about didn’t affect the story in any way and that was kind of surprising.  I thought that there were 2 specifically that were going to do more harm to James and Bianca than good, but that never played out.  i’m not really upset about that at least.

So true to finale form in an erotica story, we get to see a LOT of passion that takes us global, and we definitely get steam and anxiety.  there’s such a chemistry and passion among these 2 and among their closest friends that you can only hope for a happy ending for everyone, and nicely enough i believe that i saw a tease for a novella about one of those such characters.

all in all, a nicely planned out ending.  lots of steam, heat and unease to last me a little while.

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