Review: the Testing Guide (The Testing Trilogy #0.5) by Joelle Charbonneau


Title:  The Testing Guide
Author: Joelle Charbonneau
Publisher/Year:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  5/1/13
Length:  40 pages
Series: The Testing #0.5


In the scarred and war-battered United Commonwealth, ten-year-old Cia Vale watches her older brother Zeen dream about being chosen for The Testing. He’s graduated at the top of his class, and being chosen, like his father was before him, means a chance to attend The University and help lead the effort to revitalize postwar civilization. Cia is conflicted—she hopes Zeen is chosen, but dreads him leaving home. She also realizes that one day she too must set her mind on being chosen. But does she realize the deadly path she will have to take?

My Thoughts

i’m always one for a different POV or a novella of a book that i’ve enjoyed so this was a nice chapter or 2 for us to read – getting a bit of the fore-shadowing of the story.  it kind of makes you hope that there’s more that we get to learn about with Zeen and i kind of hope that we get to read a full story on Zeen and see what he can do for the commonwealth or for whatever cause Cia and ‘their side’ is on.

I kind of wish that there was something more that we could get from this, but again it was just a prequel and not a full novella – so my expectations are met i suppose 🙂

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