Review: Tell Me (One Night with Sole Regret #6) by Olivia Cunning


Title:  Tell Me
Author:  Olivia Cunning
Publisher/Year:  Vulpine Press 9/16/13
Length:  200 Pages
Series: One Night With Sole Regret #6


He had planned a perfect weekend for her…
Gabriel “Force” Banner has been unable to get a certain sexy accountant out of his head. Sole Regret’s inventive drummer has created big plans to keep sweet Melanie entertained all weekend long. Unfortunately, Melanie arrives for their rendezvous with a bit of baggage that just might ruin their fun.

She didn’t mean to make things difficult…
Melanie wouldn’t blame Gabe if he left her at the airport with her bit of baggage, but he’s determined to make their limited time together work. When they leave behind the bustle of New Orleans and the rock ‘n’ roll scene to visit his serene oasis outside of Austin, Texas, their romantic weekend seems to be back on track. But life has a way of butting in at the worst possible times.

Can they learn how to support each other in the face of adversity or will reality destroy their budding relationship before it even takes flight?

My Thoughts

well, we know that all of the bandmates have managed to come off the market in the matter of a night so it’s no wonder that Gabe is feeling like he needs to see Melanie even more.  it’s only been a week but he wants her with him NOW.  When he manages to convince her to hop on a plane a bit earlier than planned, things seemed like they couldn’t get any better…and of course Nikki is there to ruffle feathers once again and get in the middle.

What we get in this 6th installment, and the first that actually reunites us with the couples that just formed, is a creatively inventive man who continues to find ways to steam up his encounters while also trying to bury his secrets.  Is Melanie the one that can bring out the darkness in him and will she even get the opportunity?  Are these guys doomed from the start because of outside forces?  that’s what we get while interspersed with some of the most unique sex toys known to man.

i think adam and madison are up next so i can’t wait to see where things go with them.

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