Review: Caress (The Dining Club #6) by Marina Anderson


Title:  Caress
Author:  Marina Anderson
Publisher/Year:  Grand Central Publishing. 9/24/13
Length:  35 Pages
Series: The Dining Club #6


Part Six: Caress

Grace is starting to question her place in her breathtaking lover David’s life. While her erotic challenges at the Dining Club have brought her and David closer together, lately his heated commands feel cold and distant, making her fear she’ll lose her membership to the Club, as well as David’s attentions.

Luckily for Grace, handsome Club member Andrew reveals a few details that will help her succeed in the next sexual challenge. Unfortunately, he also reveals information about David that makes her question everything she’s ever thought about him-and herself. After learning David’s secret, does Grace have a chance at a future with him?

My Thoughts

While the story should ultimately be getting more complex the deeper we get into the trials, i feel like things are beginning to become more expected.  i’m still wondering if i’d have different feelings if i read this all as 1 book vs. chapters each week.  oh well.  anyway, we continue on towards the 4th trial this week – where Grace is really getting anxious because she knows that she’s nearing the end of things at the Dining Club.  this means that things will either get much harder and she’ll have to push herself or she’ll have to decide that she wants to walk away from David.

Andrew continues to pursue her in a way that’s even more than the physical stuff in the trials which adds a bit more complexity, but we see that it’s not the main focus here which is nice.  no need for a love triangle here especially since we have Amber/David/Grace already.

So the story continues – same old same old.  i’m glad that we get to see Grace taking risks, i feel like they could be hotter at this stage in the story though.

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