Review: Touch (The Dining Club #5) by Marina Anderson


Title:  Touch
Author:  Marina Anderson
Publisher/Year:  Grand Central Publishing. 9/17/13
Length:  35 Pages
Series: The Dining Club #5


Part Five: Touch

Eager to continue her sexual journey with the man she’s grown to love, Grace prepares to face her third erotic Dining Club challenge. But David seems anything but eager. He’s turned cold and controlling, and he’s making it nearly impossible for Grace to complete the test.

Enter quiet, handsome Club manager Andrew with his own agenda: he desires Grace for himself and will do anything to seduce her away from David-including revealing David’s oldest, darkest secrets . . .

My Thoughts

The journey continues – Grace continues to learn more about what David seems to need while at the same time discovering what it is that she enjoys.  The trials continue and again she’s up against Amber and Andrew who won’t make things easy, and David who turns cold and curt every time they enter the Dining Club.  It’s times like those that Grace wonders if this is what she wants, but she feels compelled to do her best since she WON’T let Amber win.

Onto trial number 3 to see what happens and if she makes it to table 4 for next month.

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