Review: Submit (The Dining Club #7) by Marina Anderson


Title:  Submit
Author:  Marina Anderson
Publisher/Year:  Grand Central Publishing. 10/1/13
Length:  35 Pages
Series: The Dining Club #7


Grace has one more erotic challenge to complete. Once she proves to the Club, and to herself, that she’s truly embraced her new sensuous desires, Grace will ensure her place in the Dining Club-and in David’s heart. But after learning David’s deepest secret, Grace isn’t sure what to believe about their relationship anymore. Does he even want her to succeed? She knows this final challenge won’t be easy, especially with Club members Amber and Andrew still as determined as ever to see her fail.

Now with this final trial, David will push her stamina to its limits-and Grace must submit her body and soul to his every demand. If Grace doesn’t complete the challenge, the Club-and David-will be off-limits to her forever.

My Thoughts

Grace is nearing the end of her challenges and while each week gets harder for her since it’s so far out of her comfort zone, she slowly begins to see that David’s love is growing to a point where he might actually say it.  The question that lies ahead is whether Grace can be what David needs, if that’s what she wants to do, and what will happen.

The obstacle though that still lies in the Dining club too is Amber (and Andrew i suppose).  Amber is afraid of losing David because she’s probably in love with him even though he’s probably not with her.  Andrew also has these growing feelings towards Grace that means that he’s going to try to make her fail so that David will walk away and he can be with her.

The challenge for Table 4 leaves us in a place that’s just as curious as the prior tables.  we see that Grace has to do things that she never thought she’d do, and all the same time, David brings her to the brink of her own passion.

I’m looking forward to the conclusion in the next book.

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