Review: Anything He Wants (Castaway #4) by Sara Fawkes


Title:  Anything He Wants:  Castaway #4
Author: Sara Fawkes
Publisher/Year:  Fawkesfire 9/14/13
Length:  121 pages
Series: Anything He Wants #8, Castaway #4


Forgiveness is sought and deadly deadly decisions made in the electrifying climax of the Anything He Wants: Castaway series!

They say the sins of the father are passed down on the successive generations, and no more so than in the Hamilton family. What little hope remains in Lucy’s heart is shattered by events and the trauma of a madman’s pursuit. Outmatched and outsmarted at every turn, Lucy will be forced to make a terrible choice that will have lasting consequences, no more so than with her heart. For in her hands lies the fate of two men, both of whom she loves, and she must decide which will live, and which will die.

With no light at the end of this dark tunnel, will Lucy be able to choose the right path? Or will she be destined to bring down the Hamilton family legacy?

My Thoughts

I mean, who doesn’t love a story that starts up right after a bomb (or several) have gone off and you don’t know who’s going to survive and to what extent.  That’s the best way to resolve a cliffhanger of the last few chapters.  Where we pick up is Lucy trapped beneath the rubble, trying to find her way out, Lucas trying to help her and we’re not quite sure where Jeremiah is…but we know he’s safe (or so we guess right?)

The CIA, Interpol, all other sorts of agents are mulling around, trying to figure out where to get everyone that would be safe since they know that they can’t trust anyone, that their location is being tracked and they aren’t 100% sure who’s after them, yet they think that it’s Rush – because he’s the evil 3rd brother.  (and yes, we’ve confirmed that he’s a brother).

These final chapters of the story take us on the journey to a hospital to hide out and recover, we try to figure the extent of injuries – we know that Lucy has either sprained or broken her ankle which i’m sure we can expect to hurt her chances of fight or flight in the coming chapters – and we see that Lucas is probably far more injured than he’s letting on since he’s hunched over, holding his abdomen but won’t admit to any pain.  that is until they are all being moved to a ‘safe’ hospital for medical attention and he collapses to the ground.  this should be the first of many bad omens since it means that Lucy and Lucas will be riding in one vehicle to go to the hospital and Jeremiah will be left behind.

who knows what that means for his trip to find them, although if you know these types of stories – you know that he’s not going to make it – and he doesn’t .  the car that he’s in gets stopped and he’s captured.  While Lucas and Lucy are trying to figure out what to do next, they are overcome by some type of gas in their safe house and they find themselves kidnapped as well.  good news – they are with Jeremiah – bad news – not everyone will live.

I’ll leave you with that – but i do have to say one thing.  i really enjoyed the ending – kind of expected it, but i was pleased with where it went.  One of the things that i Love about Sara Fawkes writing style is that she doesn’t feel the need to go overboard on certain bits of the story.  we know that there’s goign to be continued trouble in paradise and we don’t know if Jeremiah will ever forgive Lucy or if he’ll even have the chance, but we don’t dwell on it to much.  we get the other side of the story to continue and it adds to all that anxiety.

We also know what we’re to expect of the ending, and while it’s predictable, it’s not bad – it was well written and thought about in a good way.

What i loved too is not only did we get an epilogue – we got a ‘bonus story’ at the very end and that was great.  it makes me wonder if Ms. Fawkes is going to continue the story a bit more even for a #0.5 book so that we get the missing months.

All in all, even though it was a novella in the way that i read it with a few chapters here and there, and apparently i’m too slow to have realized that this final installment has been out for a month and a half, i’m glad that i took the journey with this family and that we got the story that we did.  It’s nice to see family blown apart, come back together, and not get quite the resolution that we were hoping for.  It’s also nice to see a romance that’s not so clean and pretty – but gives us what we need.

I hope you guys enjoyed it like i did!

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