Review : Binding Agreement (Just One Night #3) by Kyra Davis


Title:  Binding Agreement
Author: Kyra Davis
Publisher/Year:  Pocket Star 5/20/13
Length:  149 pages
Series: Just One Night #3


Part 3 of the Just One Night series. One wild night in a Vegas hotel changed everything for Kasie. Sleeping with a powerful, sexy stranger made her rethink her impending marriage, and a whole lot more.

As her affair threatens her job and the sexy billionaire Robert Dade becomes more controlling, Kasie has to figure out if her passion is leading her down a path she really wants. She’s seduced by his gifts of power, success, and adventure, she’s overwhelmed by what he can make her feel with a single touch, the way he can make her ache for him with just a look. But is the cost of absolute power and pleasure a price Kasie can afford? And does she truly know this man who says he can give her everything…or is he still a stranger after all?

My Thoughts

Nothing ever comes easy does it?  I’m kind of happy that this story took the path that it did, it wasn’t fully expected, yet you knew the general direction where things were going.  In the 2nd installment, we were left in a point in time where Kasie is starting to realize that the power that she’s attained through her relationship with Robert isn’t hers at all and it’s really quite harmful to her if she wants to really understand who she is.  It’s because of this that she chooses to both walk away from him and walk away from her job.  She’s come to the realization that nothing will ever come of her successes really at her current firm since she’s noticed that everyone fears her and not for her ability but for her ‘boyfriend’.

Taking that leap plunges her into a darker place – while she’s slowly transitioning out of the firm, it’s still not easy to walk away.  All the while she’s in the deep lonely depression that you get to when you lose the one you love and that’s what she’s done.  Her fantasies though – they are quite real and Ms Davis – the talented author that she is does a great job in giving us a great picture to go off of.  She’s done this throughout with everyone in the story, but really this time she’s outdone herself.

Kasie confronts various people and learns things that are quite unexpected, and uses that to rebuild her life and herself.  She’s trying to put her demons behind her and live her life as she wants it…her rules.

which is what ends her up at a bar, not far from Dave’s office (yup, that’s what i said), with a glass of scotch – just how her story started.

the question is, who will be the Stranger this time, or is it a friend?

sometimes i wonder if it would have been better for me to wait until the full 3 novella series was published as one, but in this case i really enjoyed the breaks that we’re left with – the edge of my seat that i’m on each time, and the closure to quite a few stories.  enjoy!

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