Review: Syria’s Seduction (The Complete Collection) by Starla Cole


Title:  Syria’s Seduction (The Complete Collection)
Author: Starla Cole
Publisher/Year:  Rev It Up Press 10/17/13
Length:  212 pages


Syria is a shy Oklahoma girl whose explosive meeting with a boudoir photographer becomes a seduction that will open her eyes to both the beauty within her and an art form that will become her new passion.

In this series, her work in her boudoir studio brings a host of fun and intriguing clients:

–A sexy Santa Claus who turns out to be a stripper
–A contortionist who performs in pirate-themed sex shows
–A Japanese Bondage expert who invites Syria to participate in a demonstration
–A billionaire who offers Syria a position as his personal escort and exhibitionist for half a million dollars

Even as Syria experiences new lifestyles and partners, she works to maintain her on again, off again relationship with her Santa stripper, who despite his distance and his occupation, has begun to steal her heart.

My Thoughts

I’m always a fan of novella style stories, and i think that this one gave us something to think about.  We meet Syria at the onset of her journey when she is 20 and a medical student, yet one that’s not quite cutting it.  She’s failing out of her program, and has to make a decision on what to do next.  She’s shy, inexperienced and really doesn’t know where she fits into the world since her background is complicated as well.  Being the result of an affair that her mother had while in India, she’s never met her father, yet deals with that every day since she has the mix look from her american mother and Indian father.

We are taken through Syria’s story at 5 different points in her life, however once you get past the first installment, the other 4 really are closely intertwined and very closely timed for that matter.

In book 1, she meets the man who will change her life forever, opening her eyes to a sexuality that she didn’t know existed within her. From then on, she’s given direction and purpose – becoming a photographer due to the tutelage of this first lover.  From there, she moves from Oklahoma to New Mexico where her life changes for ever.

Working as a photographer, she meets Tyson who is a Santa Stripper and brings out emotions and feelings in her that she never expected.  He prompts her to explore herself and her own needs, wants, desires, and passions in a way that she was never open to before.  We see this as a huge turning point in her life since this is what causes her to meet Mia, who becomes more than just a best friend but a plaything as well.

From there, we take an interesting and heated journey with her where Syria explores various other parts of sex and passion.  Going from her girl/girl relationship, to learning about exhibitionism, to bondage, to being propositioned as a slave, all the while trying to make a long distance relationship work, that is wrought with trust issues.

So, all in all it’s a quick read and you’ll get exactly what you’re expecting, and will learn a lot.  What i have to call out though as a downside is that it’s all a bit far fetched to me.  I’m not jaded- i live in NYC, but i think that there’s a quality here of too much happening to a small town girl that’s really not likely to happen.  regardless, it was entertaining to read for a day or 2 and i hope you guys enjoy it as well.

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