Review: Control (Songs of Submission #4) by CD Reiss


Title:  Control
Author: CD Reiss
Publisher/Year: Flip City Media Inc. 5/8/13
Length:  160 pages
Series: Songs of Submission #4


It is about Jonathan and Monica, living in Los Angeles and trying to make a life together.

My Thoughts

yes, the overview was quite basic don’t you think?  anyway, we are in the 4th installment and what i understand to be about the mid-way point in the series.  i think that we’re definitely getting to understand that there’s so much more under the surface of both Jonathan and Kevin that we’re not quite sure when it’s going to come out and explode.

Monica continues to wonder what’s the real situation with Jonathan and what he’s not sharing with her, and when she wants to learn more, she continues to use sex to get him to open up.  he finds himself falling more and more for her and doing things that he’s never done (at least not recently)….ie. dating….and that’s tough for him to come to terms with.  the good news though is that Jonathan has finally decided to cut off Jessica – his ex wife, but has a feeling that she won’t go down quietly.

Kevin on the other hand is going rogue as far as Jonathan is concerned.  because of what he’s seen of the artist’s prep work, he now fears for Monica’s safety, and that’s going to come to a head in this installment.

Jonathan takes control of Monica’s life again – doing things for her really w/o her permission, and then trying to control her in bed, which she’s really beginning to allow.  for herself to submit.  What we get here again, is quite a bit of steam and that’s really nice.

One aspect though that i’ve been trying to stop minding, but what has been bothering me for the first 3 books but eased up a bit in #4 is some of the verbiage or wording used to reference their parts.  I have a hatred for certain words and there is 1 that Monica uses OVER and OVER again that makes me want to drop the book.  it’s eased up a bit here in #4 thankfully, but still, thinks like that really detract from a book.

Anyway, we’re left at quite the cliff at the end of this installment, Monica’s made a decision to walk away from one of the men that’s really close to her in her life and we’re not sure what that will mean to her safety and well being.  we’ll just have to wait and see.

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