Review: Sing (Songs of Submission #7) by CD Reiss


Title:  Sing
Author: CD Reiss
Publisher/Year: Flip City Media Inc. 11/12/13
Length:  172 pages
Series: Songs of Submission #7


The stunning conclusion to the USA Today Bestselling series.

Take my hand, my love
On sinews of air we tread
Aught but distance our guide
With no tempo to our gait
No endpoint drawn
Neither plot nor plan
By the thorns of a compass rose
We bound toward the horizon

My Thoughts

Exactly what i needed in the finale of this series.  I have to say, the shortcomings and downfalls that i felt in the 1st have were remedied, and if you needed fear, anxiety, love, passion and romance, yet with the uncertainty in knowing that nothing good could ever come from what’s going on – you get that here.

At the end of Resist, we see Jonathan drop to the ground and we don’t know what’s happening.  Interesting that once you learn why he’s in the hospital, you come back to wonder if the pains in his arm from falling down the hill in the last book was from the fall or a heart attack  – right?

So, the focal point of this final installment is the life and death scenario of Jonathan, hanging in the balance since no one knows what’s going to happen. While all this is going on, Monica has to live her life, and well, it’s not going as perfectly as expected.  She’s worried that she’s screwing up her chances with Carnival since she has to postpone a session, she and Darren aren’t close anymore really – they don’t have much time for one another, she learns that her house is being auctioned, so she’s forced to reconnect with her mom which can’t be good – and all at the same time, she knows that most of Jonathan’s family hates her and that’s never helpful.

As Jonathan’s status continues to go downhill, we find an unexpected friendship from Brad, Dr Thorenson who lives next door to Monica and happens to have access to information about Jonathan’s health that she can’t get elsewhere.  I”m sure that i’m not alone in thinking that while he continues to just act like a good friend that there isn’t more to it.  let’s not go there for now though.

Jessica seems to be in and out a bit of this finale, but somewhat more under the radar since she knows that she can’t hold as much against Jonathan as she tried previously.  with the release of the recording that Monica was able to get from the phone she took from Jessica, there’s less ammo there to support any abuse against her.  so…the question is what’s her next angle to ensure that the money from the trust isn’t pulled from her.

There are so many times throughout this story that Jonathan really is on death’s door, that i’m not surprised how it ends.  i think that it needed to happen as it did.  what i loved though, is that since we know that he’s so gravely ill, and can’t be the domineering physical lover, we get a lot of verbiage and nuance that’s really just through talking and imagination that you still think that you’re right there in it with them.  This is a really great POV that the author put on the story so that we’re not left with just an editorial, and not so much erotica.

In any event, there is of course an epilogue of sorts that wraps things up for us, and in a way that makes you think that there is a happier outcome from stuff- but i have to say that i’m pleased that we didn’t get to the conclusion from a linear path, and that’s great.  I look forward to the spin offs from this series, since there are so many characters to build off of.  (i mean….7 sisters ….really???)

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