Review: Dazzled by Silver (Layers Trilogy #0.5) by Lacey Silks


Title: Dazzled by Silver
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year: MyLit Publishing 7/17/13
Length:  150 pages
Series:  Layers Trilogy #0.5


Private Investigator, Gabriel Silver is healing from a deadly loss, burying himself in work and avoiding relationships of any kind. When he agrees to help a friend who’s tangled up with drug dealers he has no idea the job will change his life.
Samantha Connor is recovering from a terrible relationship. She’s on the prowl for a hot hook-up, with no strings attached. When she meets Gabriel, she thinks she’s found the perfect man to fulfill her deepest yearnings. But Gabriel turns out to be more than meets the eye.
Soon, she’s knee-deep in his latest case and on the run with Gabriel and her sexy friend Kendra. As they plot to trap the drug dealers, Samantha and Gabriel begin a thrilling game of cat and mouse. With growing feelings, danger at every turn and seduction on the table, anything can happen.
Can they both let go of their shattered pasts long enough to find true love, or is Gabriel Silver about to find out that history repeats itself, and lose everything he ever cared about?

My Thoughts

I Loved this novella and story about Gabe and Sam.  I have to say that Lacey Silks really knows how to bring on the passion and really bring on the anxiety.  There’s something to be said about a story line that can stand on it’s own even without the sex.

I don’t know how everyone else has read this series, but i’ve clearly read books 1 and 2 already, and felt that since i now know the fate of Sam and Gabe (through book 2) that i owed it to myself to get their story.  Glad that i did!

We meet Sam when she’s at the opening of Kissed – the club that Tristan helped open for Kendra in the hopes that it would get her back on her feet and maybe keep her sane and sober.  That night changes everything for Sam.  She not only sets her eyes on the hottest ‘bartender’ ever, (Gabe) but she also crosses a line in her best friendship with Kendra in the sense that we see that there’s more than just friendship there – they are obviously quite attracted from one another and act on it.

What we quickly learn is that Gabe’s not a bartender – he’s the silent partner in the club, and he’s completely enamored with Sam, and makes it his goal to learn about her and protect her since he fears that she’ll become a target of some not so nice people who are going to be after Kendra.

What quickly happens in this story is that there’s an attraction that Gabe and Sam cannot fight, and they start to act on it, but not full gusto at first.  then we see Sam almost get kidnapped, which sends the whole story into a tailspin, and across the world into hiding.  What we get from there is a story of fear, anxiety, and the potential for healing and love.

I really enjoyed this because while you come to expect that the main characters will be damaged from past relationships, the way that these 2 come together is nice.  Gabe is trying to heal from the murder of his wife which he feels he was responsible for, and Sam isn’t fully healed from losing her first love (in high school) to lukemia.  So coming together for them is a battle of wits, and what starts as a fling never lasts as a fling.

And the cliffhanger – while i know the outcome since it’s woven into the other installments, was a nice ending to their tale.

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