ARC Review: A Betty’s Pledge (Volume 1) by Emma Husher


Title:  A Betty’s Pledge
Author:  Emma Husher
Publisher/Year:  The Writers Coffee Shop House. 4/24/14
Length:  265 Pages
Series: A Betty’s Pledge #1


There is an exclusive group known as the Grants who only allow the most seductive women into their circle, and Madeline “Mady” Chase would give anything to get in. After years of mundane, disappointing sex, Mady is ready for more. Much more. Too many men out there favor the trashy crap that often parades around the local bars and college hangouts. To Mady, it seems like they’d rather drool over a girl with a fifty thousand dollar plastic surgery bill and clothes that would better fit a five-year-old than find some substance and passion in a woman. She wants more than stale, bland, fake sex, and the Grants could be just what she needs.

Isaac Wilson has been dissatisfied more times than he can count in the past two years. Being one of the Grants definitely has its privileges, but now he finds himself wanting more. Usually, it just meant another long month of disenchantment on his part when the Grants realized their new batch of women were no good. Each year, the program found several candidates that fit their needs, but as was often the case, they lacked that certain spark Isaac was looking for. To him, it didn’t matter. Either way, he’d have a lot of fun wading through the rejects.

My Thoughts

This is an interesting story and take on a sex club type environment.  What we get here is a school of sorts, where women apply and are accepted into a program to be a Betty pledge and learn about various different perspectives of their sexual nature in the hopes of finding what it is that they need in life and possibly to be ‘mated’.  The guys however, they are there for another reason i’m learning.  The ‘Consorts’ are being paired with these Betty’s through various ranking scales based on the information that the ladies have provided.  It’s interesting to say the least since it’s not clear to the women that they are paired, and the guys are really just having fun having lots and lots of sex.

The Grants – the family that has started this program are quite wealthy and decided that it was in their interest to keep the program open to only those who could afford entrance.  Mady is accepted through a scholarship of sorts via her best friend who’s gone through the program as Mady is from an entirely different background from everyone else.  This continues to play a role throughout the book since she feels inferior to everyone from time to time.

I have to say that I kept wondering where the anxiety and peak of this book was going to happen.  While we get several really steamy scenes between Mady and her ‘Dame’ Diane, as well as with Isaac and Mady as well, there wasn’t the tension that i’ve come to expect from this genre.  Not a bad thing, just wondering….

It’s also interesting to me that the end of this book kind of just dropped off – while there was a little bit of an event at the very end to make you wonder what would happen, it wasn’t nearly as anxiety ridden as we usually get (you know, because of these books have someone being kidnapped or threatened).  Here – it’s just a jealousy/relationship tension i think….and maybe a creepy guy who’s going to try to take advantage.

Anyhow, i’m looking forward to volume 2 to see what happens – although i have no idea when it comes out 🙂  (maybe 2015 is what i read).  Enjoy

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