Review: Knight & Stay (Knight #2) by Kitty French


Title: Knight & Stay
Author:  Kitty French
Publisher/Year:  Kitty French 5/7/13
Length:  200+ Pages
Series: Knight #2


Knight and Stay is the much anticipated sequel to the erotic best-seller Knight & Play.

Sophie Black has turned her back on both her cheating husband and her sexy, enigmatic boss Lucien Knight.

When she hits rock bottom, she finds herself drawn back into Lucien’s high stakes world of intensely erotic encounters.

Who will she chose when her husband returns with his tail between his legs?

My Thoughts

It was a nice ending to the first book when not only was Sophie forced to address her husband’s indiscretions, but Lucien decided that he wasn’t going to let her do it on her own.  Fists fly, and then, well, Sophie is ultimately left to herself.  She came to the realization that while Dan wasn’t for her since he cheated, that what she had with Lucien also wasn’t real, so she couldn’t have both.  and that made matters even worse given that it meant that she was out of a job since she couldnt’ go back to how things were as his PA.

So the story kind of fast forwards just a little bit so that a few weeks have passed, where Sohpie really hasn’t started to pick up the pieces much, she’s still living in her shell, not even leaving home, even at the urging of her best friend Kara.  It’s only when Kara strongly urges Sophie to take a shower and rejoin the living that things start to turn around.  Because she’s desperate, Sophie goes back to her old job and is miserable.  It’s when literally just within the first few hours that her boss tries to grope her again that she decides that she needs to get out.  So she does, and the only other option that she has is to go back to Knight Inc.  so she does.

Imagine Lucien’s surprise when she walks back into his office, and we know that Sophie’s able to surprise Lucien since she never does what he expects.  This is a happy turn of events because he’s slowly beginning to realize that he doesn’t want her out of his life, he just doesn’t know what he wants her in his life as.

From here on out, the story really takes a different controlling nature than we’ve seen before.  Sophie tries to lay the ground rules, Lucien tries to abide, but they are both too strong willed for their own good to really listen to what they are saying v. what their bodies want.  To give him credit, Lucien really does a great job at keeping himself at a distance…and i guess it’s for good reason.

Where this story takes us is from London to Paris and back, and brings back characters to complicate things even more so.  Lucien’s father plays a larger role in this 2nd installment, and we get to learn more about why Lucien is as is he.  Dan of course comes back, and we knew that he would based on his little snippets in book 1 while he was on holiday with Maria.  I’m surprised that it took this long, but he definitely tries to stir the pot.

I think that overall it was pretty decent, there were a few flaws that bug me.  We don’t quite get the depth of Lucien’s back story which would have been nice.  I’m always a sucker for these powerful alpha males who have a dark past, and we really only get to the gray bits of the darkness with him.  The other piece that frustrated me a bit is that the ending came up VERY quickly on us.  when i got to the final chapter and saw that it said ‘Epilogue’ i was a bit shocked since i feel like the ending was a bit rushed to get to the point in time that Kitty French wanted us to be at.  I’m hoping that when i start reading Knight & Day that i’ll get a bit more out of this story.  while i don’t think that the focus is on Lucien and Sophie as much, i’m hoping that we’ll get more of their story none the less. Oh well, average, or slightly above average, but i’ll chalk it up to being a book 2 in a series.

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