ARC Review: The Fetish Queen (Part 2): Infamous by Nicole Camden


Title: The Fetish Queen Part 2:  Infamous
Author:  Nicole Camden
Publisher/Year:  Pocket Star 4/28/14
Length: 100 Pages
Series: The Fetish Queen #2


In this scintillating second part of the Fetish Queen series, Lille and Max go wild for each other as conflicts arise and dark secrets of Lille’s past are revealed.

Lillehammer Marceau has a secret past—one that has haunted her, one that not even her best friend, Mary, knows about, one that includes a Russian gangster for a father. It’s left her with commitment issues and a fear of trusting anyone too much.

Lille has always been dominant and daring, hiding her fear behind a mask of confidence and bravado, even when the web series she creates about life in the Fetish Box becomes an Internet sensation and she gains more attention than she ever wanted. She believes she can keep her façade intact and still enjoy the pleasures of being with Max, but some men, it seems, won’t be controlled for long…

My Thoughts

Well, we’re finally getting into the meat of things.  The past that was teased in the snippet of book one that never quite came to fruition really begins to come out in this 2nd installment.  As we begin to learn more about Lillie and see what she’s doing with The Box – we see that part of it is an act – in a way at least, since she’s trying to protect herself from all that she’s gone through growing up.

What’s really nice is that there’s still the clear chemistry between her and Max and that everyone around them realizes it, and we get to reap the benefits of that as well – I couldn’t be happier.

This 2nd book takes us further into the journey, where Lillie decides to place a call to that mysterious number from Vegas to see what it’s about and finds out that it’s someone connected to her father.  She doesn’t quite know the motives, but her intuition makes her weary. The other interesting bit is that there’s other stuff going on that makes her nervous as well.  Carl, Max’s step brother ends up waking up one morning with both his phone and keys stolen….those keys being the ones that open both the store and the house that Lillie is staying in.  Lillie’s worried that there’s a connection there and well, you know that in these types of stories there has to be one.

There’s that parallel story as well as getting to know some of the supporting cast a bit more.  We spend a bit of time learning about Kim – the girl who’s filming the documentary, as well as about Jordan ,the boy who works in the store and has a thing for Kim.  It’s cute, but i don’t know if it’s fully necessary to the story – we don’t need it really to keep things moving. I really enjoy what Carl brings though, and the grounding that Mary and John have as well.

But, to be fully honest, given that this is an ARC, there’s a little flaw that i’m seeing that keeps throwing me off.  There are bits and pieces that are referenced that don’t follow the path of the story.  Specifically being that Lillie calls the man in Vegas, yet there continue to be references of ‘the call to Lillie from her father’ or connected to her father.  She made the move there – the man just left a card.

In any event, i think things will get more complicated now that Lillie’s face is out there on the internet – the videos going viral and now there’s no hiding.  the question becomes will Lillie have to run again to get away from her father, will he come and wreak havoc to Hollywood FL, or is everything just being blown out of proportion.

The other bit too which i’ll continue to enjoy is will the heat and passion between Max and Lillie stay pent up a while more and really keep things steamy like i want them, or will they do a little dance around each other and ‘go soft’ (sorry about the bad pun there).  I’m going to pick up book 3 now and let you know tomorrow 🙂

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