ARC Review: The Fetish Queen (Part 3): Cursed by Nicole Camden


Title: The Fetish Queen Part 3:  Cursed
Author:  Nicole Camden
Publisher/Year:  Pocket Star 5/5/14
Length: 107 Pages
Series: The Fetish Queen #3


In the final chapter in the daring, sexy Fetish Queen series, Lille finds the place she belongs for the first time in her life, but she can’t escape the fear that her dark past will ruin everything…

Unnerved by the sheer force of her desire for Max, Lille retreats into managing the Fetish Box, making sure that it’s a success. The online documentary she stars in becomes more and more popular, bringing business to the store and danger to Lille. When she’s nearly killed at Jobman’s pub, Lille begins to believe that she might truly be cursed, bringing danger to all she loves.

Does she run away again, giving up her new life in order to stay safe, or does she take a chance, possibly endangering them all? She doesn’t want to leave. She’s learning what it means to be a Fetish Queen, and it is love, not fear, that gives her strength. But what Max and her friends don’t realize is that Lille is willing to do anything…anything…to save them all.

My Thoughts

Well, we knew things were going to come to a head in this final installment, given the sexual tension, chemistry and anxiety that Lillie and everyone was living under.  When we left off in book 2, Lillie had contacted the man in Vegas an learned that he was working for her father, and things with Max were growing to be more than either were expecting or wanted and all that led to a lot of complications.  On top of that, Lillie was really worried that her father was going to come and do harm, and that she was going to have to run.

So what we get in this final installment is the culmination of a lot of things.  We get to see where the relationship goes with Lillie and what’s nice is that we see her make the choice to walk away.  The question is of the two (Lillie or Max), who is going to be the one to push more to stay?  At least while they try to sort that all out, we get some heated steamy scening.  All necessary in this genre.

There’s also something that was somewhat a surprise that i really appreciated.  We get a surprise visitor in this book that i for one was not expecting.  This person leads to a chapter of tension and you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.  Someone gets hurt – that’s for sure.

We continue to see the video series gain popularity, making Lillie even more famous which is a good and bad thing – and makes it harder for her to make the clear choice to run away when things get complicated.   I have to admit though, things were resolved in a nice and tidy bow, and that’s maybe not what this story needed.

Similar to what i found with book 2, there seems to be one big flaw here.  We learn a bit more about Lillie’s father in this book, and some things that he says should be foreshadowing for the future of the story, yet given that this was supposedly the final installment, it was left out there with nothing more to come.   I feel like there’s a lot of unfinished business that’s really significant and it was just dropped.

Anyhow – all in all, not a bad ending to the story – just nothing earth moving to it either.  I think that the passion was there, the chemistry even more so, and the heat keeps you interested enough – at least it did it for me.  Enjoy!

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