Divergent: Book v. Movie



I’ve read the book now 4 times and I have seen the movie twice, so i think that it’s fair for me to do a little comparison and see what you guys think too.  I have to start off by saying that in the realm of books being made into movies, this is one of the better ones – especially in the genre.  I really enjoyed it – so the misses and flaws that i saw, fortunately they weren’t game changing.

Here we go…

1) How come we don’t get to know more about the Dauntless initiates?  specifically Uriah?  we only see him in 1 scene, the zip lining scene, which was actually taken out of context in the movie?  I feel like Uriah and his brother Zeke play such a role in the future books that it wasn’t set up well in the movie

2) Edward wasn’t as featured in the movie – and we totally forgo the eye stabbing scene.  why is that?  remember that in the coming books, the boy with the eyepatch is a recognizable person among the factionless

3)  Will’s sister Cara isn’t in the movie at all, and that’s odd to me given that we spend some time with her in the next installments too.  I just wonder how they are going to introduce her in the next films, although i’m sure there’s a way

4) When Tris and Four kill the simulation, they never take any hard drive from the computer – they just wipe the program.  I think that’s going to be interesting how things play out since we know that the hard drive itself is something that people want in the coming book.

in the movie there were also a few liberties being taken, meaning that Four doesn’t point out that he noticed the Erudite bringing in supplies to Dauntless – no one realizes it until it’s almost too late – and it’s Tris in the book that connects the dots.

I also didn’t think that Erudite would be so futuristic in the movie.  given what we know of the city from the book, how Chicago was destroyed, i figured anything that was renovated would be nicer, but not futuristic.  Any everyone had tablets – while in the book it was all about pages of paper being printed (remember when Tris tried to get her closure by throwing the articles into the Chasm).

Anyhow, like i said, i thought that the movie was really well done and all those things above that i feel weren’t consistent, they weren’t game changing.  I’d love to hear your thoughts

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