ARC Review: Reflection (The Chrysalis Series #2) by Elene Sallinger


Title: Reflection
Author:  Elene Sallinger
Publisher/Year:  Soucebooks Inc.  5/6/14
Length:  288 Pages
Series: Chrysalis Series #2


The moment Bridget Ross and Connor Reynolds run into each other on the street—quite literally while out on a run-tempers flare. But when the two get together for an apology coffee date, it’s clear that the coffee isn’t the only thing steaming.

Connor is a charming artist without purpose. His own tragic past prevents him from putting down roots or committing to anything. Bridget is feisty but guarded. She’s aching to fill a void in her life but is wracked with guilt over her past and denies herself true pleasure. Can this gorgeous man tempt Bridget to finally succumb to her desires?

My Thoughts  

in this 2nd installment we get to know more about Bridget and understand what makes her tick.  I think that we came to really enjoy her banter with Claire in the first book of the series so i was really happy to see what we were getting into here.  What i think that no one realized from book 1 is how damaged Bridget was, and although it was years and years ago, it’s something that she’s never processed and gotten past and it still really holds her back in just about everything in her life.

What we have is a story that takes us on a journey of Bridget realizing that what she wants isn’t necessarily bad – but that doesn’t mean that she’ll ever allow it to happen, and as a result, it means that she may never get anywhere with a relationship that seems to be good.

We also get the subplot of what’s going on at Bridget’s job between her and her dean, and between her dean and various others.  I hate to say it, but without the sub-plot, i wouldn’t have been as invested as i was, and while i really wanted to like this story more than i did, i felt it was mediocre.

i’ll tell you where my frustration stems from.  We begin this story seeing into what darkness lies both within Bridget and Connor, but we don’t really get too deep there.  There are glimpses sure – we understand a bit more about why Connor has come to Vermont and how he’s an artist but won’t actually be one because of his parent’s death, but that’s really just as far as we get into it with him.  Same goes for Bridget – we learn about her past, and while we see what stigma it’s placed on her life, we don’t really process it together in the story.

I wanted to really enjoy this book – i feel like i gave it a fighting chance, and it was mediocre at best.  I always feel bad when i don’t enjoy a book since i know that authors take it personally, but i feel like i owe it to myself to admit when i didn’t love a book.  oh well, maybe the series will get better.  i feel like we’ll either get to know Victor or Skyler next and that may be really good. i’d love the back story on Victor to be completely honest.  (part of me wishes that he and Bridget got together – just sayin…..)

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  1. It’s always best to be honest and respectful which you do quite well. No one can be expected to like every book they read.

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