ARC Review: Surrender by Tawny Taylor


Title: Surrender
Author:Tawny Taylor
Publisher/Year: Kensington Publishing 5/27/14
Length:  336 Pages


Abby is ready to agree to anything to stop her brother from going to prison, but Kameron Maldondo, the owner of MalTech Corporation, is asking for the unexpected. Enthralled by his commanding brilliance, she agrees to be his assistant, at his beck and call for whatever he needs–whenever and however he wants. What that means is for him to decide and for her to submit to. Frightened yet fascinated by what he promises, Abby becomes a willing captive to his caress, undone by his peerless touch, a quivering submission to an aching need for complete carnal surrender. . .

My Thoughts

When i took a peek on Goodreads, i saw that most people weren’t overly thrilled with this book, and that made me a bit weary.  the good thing is that i don’t usually care much about what other people think of a book, and decided to read this one anyway.  I think that i was pleasantly surprised with depth of the story that we got.

The summary gives you a sense that she would really just be Kam’s assistant/sex slave and sub, but that’s not really where things even get going to.  While that’s how their relationship begins, mind you Abby really would do anything to protect her brother, that’s not where things evolve to because we learn that Kam really is much more human than the first few chapters lead us to believe.

This story takes us on a journey of these 2 trying to figure out what they mean to each other, all the while – Abby is trying to find out who really stole the ‘things’ that Kam and MalTech think that her brother took.  While her brother claims innocence, and Abby believes him, his past is too tainted for anyone else to believe it, and if he didn’t do it, there was a really good set up.

The other great thing is that this story takes a nice dark twist about 2/3 of the way through – what you don’t expect to happen does, and that means that there’s going to be someone on the run, and the folks that get called on things aren’t the ones that were initially set up in the story.

I don’t think that i’ve read anything by this author before, although there’s plenty that i’ve discovered that i can now, and i have to say that we get a nice mix of bondage play and romance to make a story good.  Without the fact that we know Kam is very into tying people up, he’s still really sensual and knows how to make a scene steamy.  I’m happy to say that i don’t agree with most of the reviews that i read saying that this story wasn’t good.  maybe a bit predictable, but still good nonetheless.

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