Review: Pushed to the Limit (The Alpha Club #3) by Ruby Taylor


Title: Pushed to the Limit
Author:  Ruby Taylor
Publisher/Year:  Ruby Taylor 2013
Length:  74 Pages
Series: The Alpha Club #3


Melissa Jones has finally tracked down Jack. Hell, he’s blindfolded her and cuffed her to a bed in the infamous Alpha Club.

But he’s not fully convinced she’s ready for his lifestyle.

All Mel knows is that no other man has ever come close to having this effect on her.
Can she convince him that she’s not as sensible and sheltered as everyone seems to think?

My Thoughts

So, i think that we all know where things are going to go from here since we’ve seen Melissa turn her inner sex goddess into an outer facing one.  What i really didn’t expect/really enjoyed though was the role that Dylan plays.  We met him in book 2 learning that he was the manager of The Alpha Club, and someone that put Mel in an uncomfortable situation, yet really riled her up.  Because of an interesting link to him via another friend, Mel and Dylan’s paths cross again in this book in quite an interesting way.

So, the question then becomes whether this will turn into a ‘love triangle’ of sorts, or if there’s clear delineation of which one is best for Melissa and which one she’ll be with.

The other bit that’s nice, yet also a bit expected as well is that we know that Jack’s quite wealthy, and in the means expected of someone of his stature, he goes and buys out the company that she works for as a means to get in touch with her.  (yes, there are easier and cheaper ways of doing things).

In any event, it’s a nice culmination of things, although i’ll have to say that the ending was VERY anticlimactic -pun intended…or not.

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