Review: Put to the Test (The Alpha Club #2) by Ruby Taylor


Title: Put to the Test
Author:  Ruby Taylor
Publisher/Year:  Ruby Taylor 2013
Length:  77 Pages
Series: The Alpha Club #2


Melissa’s back in Manhattan, but all she can think about is Jack, the sexy stranger she shared a night of passion with in Miami.

When she mistakes someone else for him on the subway, she’s pushed to do something about her obsession: she resolves to track him down at the Alpha Club.

Her friends have warned her about the notorious members-only club, and she’s read the newspaper articles detailing its excesses.

But she’s determined to find Jack — whatever it takes.

My Thoughts

Well, this story is turning into one that’s quite predictable.  but….i guess that’s ok.  We are starting to learn more about Melissa, the actuary – and of course when we learn that someone is so serious all their life, they have to develop quite a bit of kink, or at least get interested in it.

where we go in this 2nd part of the story is the journey that Mel’s on to track down Jack and what that means.  She keeps getting hung up on and doors slammed in her face, and Jessa, her ‘friend’ has turned her into the joke at work, but what that means for her personally, well it makes her stronger and want to pursue Jack even more.

So, i guess it’s off to book 3, since i’d really like to find out if/when she finds Jack and what it will mean.  Also, i’m really intrigued by what The Alpha club could mean, and well….being a New Yorker, makes me even more curious about the types of things that are going on in this lovely city of mine.

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