Review: Enraptured (The Enslaved Trilogy #3) by Shoshanna Evers


Title: Enraptured
Author:  Shoshanna Evers
Publisher/Year:  Pocket Star 6/10/13
Length:  175 Pages
Series: Enslaved Trilogy #3


Lovely, blonde, and young, Jessica accepted a job at New York’s most exclusive BDSM nightclub to make ends meet…and to satisfy her curiosity. Nobody is more intriguing than the BAD boys—Billionaire Arrogant Doms—a trio of unbelievably rich and sexy men. Jessica willingly gets involved with the group, shedding her formerly shy persona to explore the limits of her own desire. But she isn’t sure how vulnerable she wants to be…until the one BAD Boy who never wants to fall in love again—the gorgeous, passionate, and unexpectedly tender Roman—takes an interest in her, and Jessica finds herself drawn deeper into his world than she ever expected.

My Thoughts

I’ve been looking forward to Roman’s story for a while now, and i think that given our intro to Jessica in book 2, i got a great sense of what we’re going ot get.  What surprised me though is that after seeing Roman in action in Japan, i really did wish or expect that he’d end up with a Japanese sub.  oh well.

So in this story, we get the interwoven story of Marc/Lauren where they are figuring out how their relationship works now that they are engaged, and that means that they have to find a new girl for Lauren to Dom since that’s what Marc allows.  interestingly enough, it’s the same girl that Roman is intrigued by – the new bartender Jessica.  It’s after a plan to host a party at Roman’s house in her honor to introduce her to the lifestyle and to the ‘circle’ of friends that things begin to change for her.

We also get to learn a bit more about Jessica, about how she’s really new to everything related to BDSM – she’s never played and doesn’t really understand much about kink – just that she knows that there’s something that draws her in.  Where this story takes us in on the journey of Mistress Lauren beginning to teach her about it all, and Roman taking over since it makes Jess more comfortable.

From what we know of Roman, he’s a ‘take no prisoners’ type and he’s all powerful and controlling.  It seems like that’s something that would work well for Jess, as she seems to be a natural sub – and it’s great to see the power trade between these two.  Of course Roman has the money to make the world change for Jessica and that’s something that makes her hesitant, and is a cause of a rift between Jessica and Elisabeth/Lauren, but i guess that’s all part of the journey of the story.

Again one of the great things about this author is that we get parallel stories all in the same installment.  we’re watching multiple BAD Boy stories play out and we’re seeing Roman overcome his issues with not being able to have Elisabeth and with his fear of getting close to someone again.  We also get the great detail of how he trains Jessica and of what he teaches her.  It’s hot to say the least and really steamy.  It’s nice when there’s a Dom with a very capital D that’s able to take us to another level in scening and it’s got chemistry,and passion and all that great heated stuff.  I’m glad that this is how the series ended, with Roman, although it was a bit anticlimactic at the end.   Check it out and Enjoy!

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