Re-Review: The Selection & The Elite (The Selection Trilogy #1 & #2) by Kiera Cass



In preparation for midnight – i’ve decided that i needed to re-read the series to make sure that i’m 100% up to speed on where things were going in America and Maxon’s life.  I always like to see what i pick up on the 2nd time around to be honest, there’s a lot that i don’t see the first time that makes the story even better the second time around.

As you’ll all remember, Prince Maxon is coming of age, and he now has to choose a wife – meaning that 35 girls are chosen in The Selection to vie for his affections.  America – a lowly 5 in the cast system finds herself among the girls chosen and it means that her world is turned upside down.  Not only does she have to move away from her family, she’s also trying to deal with the fact that the boy that she loved, a six named Aspen has chosen to ‘break up’ with her, and she now has nothing back home to stay for – at least aside from her family.

Where we go in the first installment is on the journey of America learning that there’s so much more out there than she ever knew, and realizing that if she lets herself participate then she can grow even more.  She is hesitant to participate in the Selection, and even approaches Maxon with an idea that she will be his ‘best friend’ and confidant if he lets her stay, and when he agrees, she’s put at ease, finds that she’s got an amazing friend in him (maybe more?) and that she’s free to make friends with some of the girls that are there as well.

With the country being attacked though, things are always in turmoil and that’s where the girls are weeded out.  At the end of book 1, we are quickly taken down to the Elite, meaning that Maxon has sent quite a few girls home.  True to his word, America stays – and things grow even more between them….but…..

Aspen, the boy from back home has been drafted into the guards and has been posted to the palace, so America’s life gets even more complicated.  Where we go in book 2 is the journey with them, with America unsure about which boy to be with, about Maxon professing his feelings some moments, and being guarded at others, and Aspen becoming even more of a distraction.

The issue that i have with book 2 is the same that i’ve had all along, America tends to be a bit whiney, even for a 17 year old….and she’s so unsure of what she wants that it makes me cringe from time to time.  I see some amazing potential with her, but i don’t know if she’ll allow it to come through and because of her temper, impatience and youth, she finds herself in a very bad situation at the end, with the king getting angry and her bags being packed.

So….tonight, at midnight when i’m finally able to download the finale of the series – i can’t wait to see what happens . There are a bunch of questions that i have

1) Who will Maxon choose?  it’s so uncertain now

2) what will happen to America?

3) what will happen to Aspen?

4) What’s the connection to Italy and what will it mean to the future?

5) what are the rebels really after and who will survive?

6) honestly, who’s in with the rebels, since i have a feeling that someone we know and ‘trust’ isn’t necessarily on the up and up.

so…just a few more hours and i’ll get my answers.  Enjoy – and if you haven’t read the first 2, the covers above link you to buy – so you have time to read before The One comes out.

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